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Trex S. Trasera
Personal Characteristics
Affiliation Beeraxi Confederation
(Ambrosia, Inc.)
Occupation Politician
Race Angelite
Birthdate May 19, 2348
Parents Unknown
Spouse Nherryh Trasera, Duchess d'Ambrose
Issue Princess Ambrosia Trasera (b. 2391)
Prince Gwydion Trasera (b. 2397)
Princess Eilonwy Trasera (b. 2397)
Beeraxi Personnel File
Rank Ambassador
Style His Excellency
Title Ambassador, Beeraxi Confederation
Member, Beeraxi Consulate
Provincial Governor, Kingdom of Eden
Ambrosia Incorporated Personnel File
Rank Crown Prince (unused)
Style His Royal Highness
His Grace
Title The Lord Regent of the Kingdom
Function Owner, Ambrosia Incorporated
Flagship BCS Lucky Day
Starfleet Personnel Record
Rank Lieutenant Commander (Retired)
Last Title Special Assistant, BADM G. Giovanni

His Royal Highness the Duke Trex Trasera of the Beeraxi Kingdom of Eden is Lord Regent of the Beeraxi province and space station Kingdom of Eden, the Governor of Beerax' Duchy d'Ambrose and an appointed member of the Beeraxi Consulate. A retired Starfleet Officer and accomplished Astrophysicist, Duke Trasera is also owner of the Galaxy-renowned entertainment group Ambrosia Incorporated, which he inherited when Count Regent Ciprino Croda disappeared in 2404. Prior to renouncing Galaxy Alliance citizenship, he served as a Senior Advisor to Dr. Trent L'vralus, then the Galaxy Alliance Chancellor. As of 2401, he is among the 20 richest people in the universe.

As part of his Starfleet career, Mr. Trasera was among the team of researchers who performed the initial tests on the Bajoran Wormhole and a member of the team that discovered an Orb of the Prophets among ruins of the planet Bajor. After resigning his commission, Mr. Trasera supported the efforts of Minister Moriah Seryl's investigation of the events leading up to the Freedom War during her time as the Starfleet Liaison to the Alliance High Council, culminating in his reenlistment and serving as Chief Science Officer of over four vessels in the Alliance Defense Fleet and Aide-de-Camp to BADM Seryl at Starfleet Command. He has also served as a Special Assistant to Branch Admiral Giovanni during the Tzenkethi War. LTCDR (Ret.) Trasera is the recipient of multiple Starfleet Medals including the Legion of Merit and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. He is currently retired from active service.



Trex' birthplace is unknown, as he was found abandoned at a few weeks old on the Tarsonis colony near the Romulan Neutral Zone shortly after a visiting trade vessel departed the planet. He was rescued by two federation scientists who decided to adopt him: Sebastian Schad, a human exobiologist and his wife Beverly, the child of a former Bajoran refugee who acted as an exobiologist and botanist. The young scientist couple decided it best not to tell their new child the realities of how he came to them; as such, Trex' early childhood was fairly uneventful and happy.

Trex was neither a genius nor a slacker. In his primary and secondary schooling, he excelled in math and science. Even at an early age, Trex found science fascinating and devoted much of his time tinkering around in his parent's laboratory and reading about it. Always a very short child, Trex was constantly teased by his classmates. As such, the young Angelite generally kept his own company and was a fairly introverted child who was comfortable with his own identity.

At age 15, the Schad's decided to tell Trex of how they came to adopt him, effectively shattering his self-defined identity. In an uncharacteristic show of rebellion, the teenager ran away from home to find his 'real' parents. Sneaking aboard a freighter, he set off to search for this planet Angel One. As fate would have it, there were other Angelites aboard the freighter.

Trex got along as well as he could with the Angelite passengers aboard the vessel. He tried to become friends with the seventeen year old girl there to her dissatisfaction at first, though after a time she relented to his attention and explained how Angelite society values (or not) its males. As the vessel arrived at Angel One, Trex decided it best to not see the surface of his ethnic origin after all, much to the dismay of the Angelites aboard who thought they had found a new servant. At the freighter's next rotation over the course of a full three months, Trex returned home to his adoptive parents on Tarsonis to their great relief. Back on Tarsonis, Trex placed an even higher level of vigor into his studies. Though he had learned much from playing in his parents' laboratory, he found little passion in biology or botany. Instead, Trex became fascinated with the stars. Though he had to repeat a year of his schooling due to his absence, Trex was determined to enter Starfleet to experience the stars for himself. At age twenty, he passed the entrance exam and departed his little colony for Starfleet Academy on Earth.

Starfleet Academy wasn't quite what he was expecting, unfortunately. Though he found the science-related classes fascinating and truly dignified himself above his classmates in them, he struggled greatly in many of Starfleet's other required curricula. As with many others, Trex decided the pressure of the non-science curricula was too much and ultimately dropped out prior to starting his second year.

Upon his journey home, the freighter he booked passage with stopped off at none other than Angel One. In a curious state of his life, Trex decided to disembark and fully experience his origin more fully. He accepted employment with a small, conservative political family, which was more similar to slave labor than it was to employment, and soon learned just how badly males were regarded to the most right-leaning aspects of Angelite society. Still, Trex made a few friends and was generally fascinated with the more he learned about his origin. All was as well as it could be until Trex fell head-over-heels in love with his employer's youngest daughter. Far too shy to make any move, Trex simply followed her around and attended to her every need as devotedly as he could. Finally, one evening she asked him what his feelings for her were. Simply too enamored to be shy any longer, the young man emptied his feelings out to her in as eloquent a fashion as he mustered. In response, the young woman leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek before slapping him across the face and berating him for daring to share feelings for her. She proceeded to explain that men were far too emotional to be taken seriously and that, as a man with no family, there would be no chance of him ever being with her. Over the next few months, the woman and her family practically tortured Trex with tedious assignments and was almost always dissatisfied with his results. He slipped into a deep depression and became more and more fearful of women until he found the opportunity to leave the planet on the passing Federation ship USS Hawthorne.

Sadly, the USS Hawthorne was redirected away from Tarsonis before Trex could return home. Unbeknownst to him, the Borg had assimilated Earth and started expanding its reach in the Quadrant. The Hawthorne assisted other Starfleet vessels in evacuating some colony worlds that were directly in the path of the ongoing war zone. It would be another month until Trex learned the Tarsonis colony was overrun and assimilated. With nowhere else to turn, Trex returned to Starfleet Academy.

Cadet Trex placed a renewed emphasis on his non-scientific studies after he returned, graduating from the new Academy in the top ten percent of his class with focuses on Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography. Given his distinctions upon his second try at the Academy, he was given his first assignment aboard the USS Odyssey.

Titles and Styles

2406 - Present: His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Lord Regent of the Kingdom of Eden, the Beeraxi Ambassador-at-Large, Duke d'Ambrose, Governor of the Provinces and Consul Appointive of the Confederation
2404 - 2406: His Grace the Duke d'Ambrose, the Royal Advisor to the Crown, Governor of Eden Province, Beeraxi Ambassador-at-Large and Consul Appointive of the Confederation
2395 - 2406: His Grace the Count of Ambrosia, the Royal Advisor to the Crown and Governor of Eden Province
2390 - 2395: His Lordship the Count of Ambrosia and Royal Advisor to the Crown
2381 - 2390: Sir Trex of the Kingdom of Eden

Personal History

  • 2379 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy.
  • 2381 - Resigns from Starfleet. Joins Ambrosia Incorporated as Chief Scientist.
  • 2381 - Knighted by Count Ciprino of the Kingdom of Eden.
  • 2382 - Joins Discovery Enterprises as Chief Scientist of Mirobia Station.
  • 2385 - Becomes founding Partner of Free Enterprise Conferderation.
  • 2386 - Joins Office of the Starfleet Liaison to the Galaxy Alliance High Council.
  • 2386 - Marries Lady Nherryh Trasera of the Kingdom of Eden on June 29th.
  • 2386 - Joins the Alliance Defense Fleet.
  • 2388 - Eden Post is destroyed.
  • 2390 - Retires from Starfleet. Returns to Ambrosia Incorporated.
  • 2390 - Installed as Count by Count Ciprino of the Kingdom of Eden, made Royal Advisor to the Crown.
  • 2391 - Daughter Lady Ambrosia Trasera is born.
  • 2392 - CCV Scientia is lost to pirates during a humanitarian mission.
  • 2393 - Mirobia Station is relocated outside of Beeraxi Sector.
  • 2395 - CCV Scientia II is purchased and dedicated.
  • 2395 - Mirobia Station is relocated to Beerax IX orbit.
  • 2395 - Ambrosia Incorporated given rights to Eden Province of Beerax IX.
  • 2396 - Joins L'vralus Chancellorship Campaign as Senior Policy Advisor.
  • 2397 - Twins Sir Gwydion and Lady Eilonwy Trasera are born.
  • 2399 - Reactivated by Starfleet Command, enters the Reserves.
  • 2402 - Appointed as Beeraxi Special Envoy to the Galaxy Alliance High Council.
  • 2403 - Beerax secedes from the Galaxy Alliance. Renounces Alliance citizenship and joins Beeraxi Confederation.
  • 2404 - Beeraxi Confederation officially establishes government. Invested as Duke of the Duchy d'Ambrose.
  • 2406 - Ciprino declared missing, presumed dead. Invested as Lord Regent of the Kingdom.
  • 2423 - Becomes Grandfather - Welcomes Prince Oberon, child of Princess Eilonwy and Prince Consort Tennan.

Starfleet Service Record


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