Tulaberry wine comes to Deep Space 9

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IC Date: Fri Nov 11 2405

DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) -- Since establishing the first trade agreement with a race from the Gamma Quadrant, traders from the Democratic Republic of Bajor have begun shipping a new product from the Dosi homeworld: Tulaberries. The fruit has many astounding properties. In addition to producing a robust wine that has received quite the rave reviews aboard Deep Space 9 and at prestigious restaurants on Bajor, the extract of the tulaberry has also proven to have many homeopathic medicinal uses.

Morn's Place is offering free samples of the wine for the next week, and they are offering glasses of the wine as part of their regular menu. with the supply increasing, they have hopes of adding bottles for sale as well.

Supply currently remains limited, but market specialists believe this product may expand across the Alpha Quadrant as more and more people are exposed to the fruit.

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