Two Betazoids Walk Into a Bar... (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
10 Feb 2014
Morn's Place [Deep Space 9]
By far, the largest section of the Promenade, Morn's Place is known far and wide throughout the Alpha Quadrant as /the/ place to have a drink and relax. One can either take a seat and have a drink or a meal, or take their chances at the Dabo table. Otherwise, with a little latinum and a lot of imagination, one can venture to the second level and utilize the station's only set of holosuites (booked by the hour).
There is a staircase which leads to the upper level of the bar, while the exit on the lower level leads back out to the Promenade.

Los arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Remi is sat at the bar nursing a slight wine hangover with a tall glass of soda water dressed with a slice of lemon. She doesn't seem to be wearing her stocking but they are rolled in a neat ball on the counter and her shoes have traces of sand on them. Her head is bowed and her eyes are closed as she concentrates on the sound of popping bubbles in her glass above the sound of the dabo hustle.

The doors to Morns Place opens once more as a Betazoid passes through the sensor. His unusual blue eyes scan the room quietly as he takes in the local hang out of the station; having heard of it from his time on Bajor. His betazoid abilities are receptive to everyone around him as he enters. He movement carries im to the bar, settling in a chair next to Remi. Leaning forward so the Ferengi can hear him "A Jumja tea please." He asks with a light smile.

The Betazoid looks quietly over to Remi, his very unusual eyes falling upon her as he looks at her. They are of an off blue color of an odd design that makes it impossible to tell his Betazoid heritage. It's his mind being open and receptive that other Betazoids can tell who he is. A fond gentle little smile shifts across his face 'Hello and good afternoon ma'am. How are you?' He asks telepathically.

Remi smiles and sighs softly pleased that she had finally found someone she didn't have to talk to. ‘Hungover, a bit.’ She studied his eyes a little more throughly, she'd seen implants before so it didn't deter her. "You're new here aren't you?" She chatters back in the same matter as she drank her soda.

A tilt of his head is given in a nod to her question 'Arrived a few days ago and reported to Captain Cross this morning.' The Betazoid replies telepathically. 'I am Roian Los, Lieutenant in the Bajoran Defense Force Militia.' He adds telepathically. 'May I say that it is an absolute pleasure to finally talk to someone telepathically. Aside from those at the embassy there are few and far between of people to talk this way.' He says with a slight grin. The Ferengi places his drink in front of the Betazoid watching the facial expressions oddly before wandering off.

Remi grins for ear to ear and leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek in a friendly Betazoid fashion, 'Oh tell me about it! There are a few of us about, Emily seems to have enlisted herself in Starfleet and there's a new Doctory woman I've seen getting Jestral tea in the coffee house.' She rambles forgetting that she'd yet to introduce herself. 'I'm Remi, I manage the jewellery store in section B.' Her cheeks blushed a little it had felt like so long since she had held a conversation in such a manner.

A gentle chuckle is given by Los as he picks up the tea and drinks it idly 'Oh it is of no problem! I am glad to hear that there are others on the station that I may get to meet and talk to this way. It is so relaxing to talk telepathically.' He says telepathically, a gentle smile on his face as he rests the cup on the bar top. 'And it's a pleasure to meet you Remi.' He adds.

Remi screws up her nose a little as she finishes her Soda, 'I'm sure the pleasures mine.' She rolls her shoulders back slightly. 'So what brings you here? Tactical?' She enquires before physically asking for a refill.

Los shakes his head lightly 'Engineering, actually. I just finished the Academy and was recently assigned to the station.' He replies lightly as he takes another sip of the tea.

Remi nods gently a pulls her fresh glass toward her, 'So a brainbox eh? I can just about use a holoemitter, let alone program a holonovel which I'm supposed to be writing.' Her nose screws up again and she smiles, 'Congratulations on graduating none the less.'

'I do love holonovels. However, I myself am more into holo-programs that has you centered as the main character. So much fun.' He replies with a soft smile before finishing the tea. 'But I also like using them for kayaking, hiking and camping... Some target practicing.' A shrug is given on this, however the smile never fades. 'What about yourself?' He asks curiously about using holosystems.

Remi seems to be captivated by her new acquaintance, it had been far too long since she had been able to have a real conversation like this that didn't envolve around marriage. Feelings of relief and calm radiate from her, 'Honestly? I've never used the holosuites before, Inara tried to take me to a club but I think she takes everyone to a club ... so I've heard.' Her tongue ran across the back of her teeth as she realised that Inara hadn't seen her for some time and a pain for guilt hit her but her face didn't show it. 'Kayaking and camping? I can't say I've ever done either of those activities.'

Los nods slightly 'So a personal note would be to avoid Inara advances?' He asks with a curious tone as he looks at Remi quietly. He pushes the cup back across the bar top, shaking his head when asked for a refill. 'I have a personal one from Betazed for that. I could of course take you sometime if you truly want to try it out.' He replies softly. You can sense nothing behind the offer; just a person or would be friend offering her a chance to try something new.

Remi looks down to the counter and at the bubbles in her glass, 'I'd love to go back, it would be nice to go home and not have to worry about getting married to a bond mate now.' She admits with a tinge of sadness in her thoughts. 'I'm not sure how I'd manage in the wilderness mind, I'm more of a luxuries kind of girl. Can't live without my sonic shower to wash away the days grime.'

The mention of a bond mate shows curiousness by the other Betazoid. His head tilts just slightly 'I take it by the emotions that your bond mate and yourself never went through with marriage?' He asks off handedly 'And I would not know much about bond mates. My twin was offered off that way, however I was not.' A grin shifts along his features as he nods 'Oh... I think this will be most interesting indeed.' He says with a gentle chuckle and a wicked grin.

Remi nods gently, 'He found his Imzadi, I'm not one to stand between that. My brothers married their bond mates so I just thought I'd end up doing the same. I guess I was wrong.' She shrugs a little and glances back to him, it was intriguing and different he didn't seem interested in courting her that was a nice surprise for a change, 'I'll try pretty much anything.'

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Kainon arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Los smiles 'Well I am sorry to hear that. I myself take pleasure in knowing that my parents were not willing to bond mate me out.' A shrug is given as he speaks it telepathically. 'However, it also means I does mean I have to eventually seek out someone.' There is a tint of unsurity on that note. A smile crosses his face once more 'Well that is a proper attitude to have when I take you to the holosuite. The hiking and camping is a very fun time. It gives you the senses of being on a real hike. If you enjoy it, I could arrange something for us to do this outside the suit and on Bajor.' The two Betazoids are quietly conversing telepathically at the bar.

Kainon walks in and heads for his familiar spot, not too far from the bar and not quite tucked in a corner. He raises his hand and the bartender comes to, with a cup of black, steaming coffee and a newspaper. The barman nods, "Commodore...d'oh, I mean Captain." The Bajoran gives a slight chuckle and shake of his head and retreats to his seat."

Remi nods to the Bajoran, she'd seen him before the night all the abductee's had been returned, but she didn't know his name. 'You mean like real dirt and water?' She responds looking at Roian with an air of scepticism. 'I feel like I should be preparing for this already.' Her nose screws up as she laughs softly and her dimples appear. 'Finding someone honest and understanding is a lot harder than it sounds.'

The male Betazoid spots the former Commodore and now ranked Captain, walk in to the bar. The pin for the BDF rests on his shirt and can be seen clearly. The Betazoid gives Kainon a quick salute "Captain, Sir." He calls out Militia style as he stands up. Once he is beyond him, he looks back to Remi 'yes, real dirt, real water' The Betazoid says with a grin as he glances once more back to the Captain curiously. 'That is true, however I suspect that when my time comes, I will find someone.' He adds as he looks back to Remi. To the waiter "The Captain's drink is on me."

The newspaper gets unfolded with a rustling sound and Kainon pulls his glasses out as he's about to sit when he's called out. The Bajoran turns and sees Los, giving a bit of a confused nod, "As you were... Sorry, don't know who you are. You've got no uniform and that pin doesn't do much for me in the identification department. Don't mean to sound rude, but that's how I see it right now." He gives a polite nod to Remi in return, then places the arm of his glasses in his mouth, waiting for a sign from Los.

Remi screws up her nose trying to withhold her giggle successfully, her attention says on Roian she grins, 'Dirty sounds like fun, I could do with a bit of change and if it’s any consolation you can have me. I'm usually everyone’s last choice.' Frustration radiates from her in that sense. She glances back to the older Bajoran and smiles softly.

Glancing back to Kainon, Los nods slightly as he stands once more. Glancing to Remi 'A moment.' He says with a smile before walking over to the Bajoran Captain. "Lieutenant Roian Los, Bajoran Defense Force Militia and engineering officer to Deep Space Nine. I recently graduated from the engineering academy on Bajor." The Lieutenant says softly, a warm smile shifting across his face. "May I say, sir, that it is an absolute pleasure to meet you. Some at the academy speak very highly of you."

Kainon sits back in his seat and stifles a chuckle. "You may say, Lieutenant. But it doesn't mean I have to believe it. The boys I know at the Engineering school always managed to gripe at me when I broke stuff on Faikaru or Valley Forge. And they had a hell of a time figuring out what happened to Ahwanee. And not to mention when I'd order up new toys for the Intelligence boys." He finally does get a sip of his coffee before continuing. "But it's good to meet you, as well."

Remi listens from her seat and grins laughing softly, he was very eager to please she'd give him that. Her tongue ran across the back of her teeth again as she gently shook her head before sipping her drink.

A wicked grin shifts across the Betazoids face "Never said it was from the engineering department." He replies lightly as he nods his head lightly "As for myself. I do hope your current assignment with Starfleet will fun, sir." He says calmly before stepping back "Have a good day, sir." He adds before turning to walk back to Remi. 'Last choice?' Los asks off handedly 'I would have thought you'd be first choice.' He adds with a light smile as he settles back on his chair.

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Roana arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Kainon raises his mug to Los. "You do the same, Lieutenant. Ma'am," he says to Remi before returning to his paper once he's settled in and the glasses come out from his teeth.

Remi snickers quietly as he returns, 'Aren't you eager?' She grins and shakes her head again, 'I always seem to attract those who have had issues. Lying and using mind techniques or have hit their head to the point where they forget they had a fiancée.' She shrugs a little and her smile returns to its usual place, the two Betazoid’s sitting at the bar telepathically communicating.

Los smirks 'Well, I can safely say the only issue I have are my eyes. They tend to scare children.' He says with a smirk, hmming quietly 'And not so much eager as more open to those around me, especially other Betazoids.' He adds lightly.

Finally. The damn bar's quiet. She dusts off her black slacks, and she's dressed down considerably. She recognizes Remi and Los, and sees they seems to be having a fairly amusing staring competition. Or maybe they're talking? Either way, probably not nice to stare! She strides to the bar and waits, patiently impatient, tapping her fingers, for a bartender. "Yes, I'm old enough to buy alcohol. Really," she says before he can even speak. "But I need three growlers of ale. Maybe four? Okay, five. Five, delivered to the new Temple, or what's going to be the new temple, by lunchtime." The Ferengi balks. "And how are you going to pay?" Roana rolls her eyes and pushes him over a healthy handful of credits. "Too much to ask for a charitable donation?" The Ferengi laughs and heads off to check their stock, and Roana leans back against the bar. Huh, a new Bajoran Starfleet officer? She gives a friendly wave to Remi and Los, even if they are, well, talking about whatever Betazoids talk about. Chocolate, maybe.

Remi looks at the Bajoran girl who entered, it was the Prylar. She must have been sad about the attack on the temple, Remi frowned a little. 'I don't think others are so used to people being so honest, not around here anyway.' She returns her gaze to Roian and leans in to examine his eyes more closely, 'They are different but not scary makes me wonder what you see when you look at me.' She listens to Roana placing her order stopping the barkeep before he puts the money away, "No, the drinks for the temple are to be added to my account and anything else they need." She says aloud with a small smile to the young Bajoran.

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Senka arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Entering the bar, Senka accepts a Jestral tea from a Ferengi server, ignoring the snarky crack about Betazoid beverages as he does so. Looking around, he nods to the trio at the bar and heads for Kainon's table. Stopping a polite distance from the Captain's apparently empty table and waits politely.

Los glances to the Prylar, his head tilting in a firm nod of hello. His Betazoid abilities are open and receptive currently which has him pausing as he takes in the rambunctious thoughts of the Prylar. He chuckles more in amusement of her thoughts before he glances back to Remi 'Being honest is something my mother taught me a long time ago. Open and honest, but also polite and white lying when needed.' for her, she can tell everything is of the former; open and honest. A smile shifts across his face 'Oh, normal vision. They are not like the VISORS of old. I can see everything as if I had eye sight. The upside is, I can transfer between light band waves like the VISOR and zoom.' A grin shifts along his face. He glances to Senka as he enters, before glancing back to Remi, smiling warmly.

Kainon sits at his table with the paper in front of him and gets the feeling that someone is standing behind him. He turns to look and sees Senka there. "You know, Doctor. You could tell a man you're there. Lurking makes my spooky sense go all funny. Have a seat." After pulling the seat from the table, he regards Roana and her alcohol buying frenzy. After hearing who it's for, he says, "There are better ways of getting people to do the contracting. I hear swizzle sticks and pizza work too. And they aren't nearly as expensive." But, related to the Temple being down, he adds with a hint of grumbling in his voice, "And it might do you wise to add a weapons detector to the door. Hearing that my son was grenaded inside a Temple of the Prophets was not what I wanted to hear when I woke up and it definitely didn't make me happy in the least. There /will/ be hell to pay for someone."

Sensing two Betazoid minds in the bar, one new one in addition to Remi's Senka takes a moment to send a wordless greeting to Remi before his mental shielding snaps fully into plus, cutting off sense perceptions from him. Betazoids would notice that he's using a mixture of native Vulcan as well as learned Betazoid mental techniques to guard his mental privacy. TO Kainon, he says, "Indeed." Sitting across from the commodore, he speaks for Kainon's hearing only. "I wished to ask you about R'ul if you would discuss him. I was grenaded in the temple as well, Sir, as things transpired, though I was able to render initial medical treatment before others arrived. He is doing well now."

Roana practically falls over she turns so fast. "I, you're, oh my gosh, that's wonderful!" Her voice is even higher than usual, and her hands are fluttering like little birds. "Seriously, thank you so, so much. We're working as hard as we can to get the new Temple presentable but one of the engineers helping us mentioned something about pizza and beer helping things along and I have no clue where to get pizza or what it even is, but I do know where to get beer." It's amazing the girl can say all that and still breathe. She turns to Kainon and her brows shoot up. Holy shit, no wonder he looked familiar. "Your son? I...wait...I thought there were only two people hurt, and I know them both. And I know, trust me, I so know how angry you are. Whoever it was went after my people, who I'm supposed to take care of, and it makes my stomach twist up to even think someone could want to hurt them, much less did. But the Temple is a sacred place, and there has to be a way to keep it safe that still keeps it sacred." She looks between Senka and Kainon. "Wait, R'ull....he's your son? But he's so, so...." She looks up, wondering how to put this. "He's so sweet! And you're so, well, you're so you."

Remi nods to Senka gently and smiles before responding to her new friend, 'I ask lots of questions, I'm sure its a little overbearing after a while. But that's me I'm not as used to being as open as I have been but I'm sure you'll soon put a spin on that.' She offers a hand to Kyle and helps her up, pulling her close into an embrace, "Please breathe my dear, everything will come right and justice will be had. I'm sure of it." She replies.

Kainon looks over to Senka and says, "Yes, I know Doctor. And thank you for being able to still render assistance while being hurt, yourself." His gaze turns full on to the Young Prylar as he continues addressing the Vulcan beside him. "And I'm certain that my sweet, loveable, small, defenceless, furry, Caitian son is no doubt, in debt to you for being such a spot on physician." The man takes another drink from his coffee and focuses every bit of what he's got at Roana. "Look. I don't know or really care about what your grandmother has told you about me because we've only spoken to each other once. There are things that you don't know personally that you will figure out very quickly about what I say and how much my word means. And yes, you're right, my son is sweet. And as his proud father, the people responsible will be found and will suffer..." his brow goes straight up in a way a Vulcan would feel jealous of, "...and there's nothing the Prophets can do to help them."

Los feels the anger seething from the Captain (Kainon). He takes a moment block the empathic feelings as he Remi talks to him. At the same time, he feels the sudden loss of Senka's mind as he places his mental shielding up. The sudden quietness coming from Senka and Kainon uneases the Betazoid for a moment, but he relaxes himself. That is once more lost by the Prylar as he winces ever so slightly. He takes a moment to block the empathic feelings that float around, relaxing himself once more. A soft nod and slight tilting of his head is given as he listens to Remi 'Well, ask away I have nothing to really hide... and I have yet to find you overbearing. And who knows' He says with a grin as he watches Remi help the Prylar up. "She is right, the Prophets will help us move along." He says quietly, smiling to her.

Nodding in acceptance of Kainon's compliment, Senka asks quietly, "I assume you adopted him, Sir? I understand that your wife is Trill, not Caitian, though I have never met her. I was curious when R'ull refered to you as his father, but as you can imagine, it was not the time to ask about it, and I should rather ask you than him as I do not believe he is entirely comfortable around me."

Roana wraps herself in Remi's embrace. Prophets, has she just needed a hug the past few days. “Thank you,” she says, trying not to sniffle on the woman's pretty dress. But oh, she is going to reply to Kainon. She draws up a deep breath and for a moment her mind is blessingly clear. “You know what? My grandma says a lot of things, and my parents do, but I'm NOT them. And you know what else? I want to think the best about people, and that means you too, Prophets help me. That's part of my faith that is absolutely unshakeable, and that's why I took this posting that no one on Bajor wants to take because someone tries to bomb the temple or kill the Prylar every few months. Because this temple is something good, and not just for Bajorans, but everyone who comes to it - the Doctor and your son and everybody!” She's crying now, not for sadness or manipulation but anger and love and so many emotions the Betazoids just better put shields to full. “And maybe we disagree about justice, because I think the Prophets can help everyone, even the people who tried to hurt us. So that's what my word means, and that's what my faith means, and you know what?” She wipes her eyes quickly, looking at Kainon. “R'ull is so kind, and so sweet, that I figured, you know, maybe my grandma is brilliant at science but wrong about people because he had to learn that kindness somewhere, and I figure part of it, crazily enough, came from you.” She takes a deep breath and looks around, aware she has caused a scene that would do her family proud. “It has been a LONG week,” she manages as she heads to the door, embarrassed but still resolute.

Kainon gives a bit of a grin as he looks at the young 'spotted wrinkle' as his son would say. “Perhaps, one day should you choose to have children of your own, Prylar, you'll understand where it is that I speak. Religion, and Prophets and all the rest aside, I'm a father. And my little Caitian son and my little Trill/Bajoran mean more to me than anything else that I've managed to see in my life. You do your job, keep the people interested and loving each other.” He takes a drink from his coffee, “I'll do mine and make sure that whoever did this to my boy meets the Prophets, some day.”

A tear rolls down Los face at the barrage of emotions from the Prylar overcomes his mental abilities and he is suddenly overtaken with passion, grief and sadness.

Roana looks at Kainon with an odd, almost peaceful smile, eyes still glistening. “I'm sure you're going to do that. And I have absolutely no doubt you love your children more than anything. And no, I'm not his parent, or any of their parents. Hell, most of them are older than me. But I am their prylar, and my job is to love them and listen to them and guide them if they ask. They are my job, they're my life. And if it ever comes to giving up that life for them, I will. Happily. Gladly.” And she means it. She manages a little shrug. “It's what my grandpa did, for people he didn't even know, and I think I got his name for a reason.” With that, she turns and exits the room.

The door leading to Promenade slides open.
Roana leaves for Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Promenade slides closed.

Kainon glances toward Senka and gives a nod while drinking from his coffee. “And yes, Doctor, R'ull is adopted. Right after Sasha and I were married, the paperwork was filed and accepted. I was very proud that day.”

Senka nods, steepling his fingers.

Senka turns to Kainon, letting the subject of R'ull pass. “Are you satisfied with your new command? You have an excellent CMO in Commander Kame if that is her role now.”

Kainon gives a grin when asked about his Command. “I am satisfied. It is a different process than I remember, however. It's been fifteen years since I've done it. But I must say, until last week, the prospect of being in command of a Starfleet ship wasn't in the front of my mind. Rather, the last thing that I'd ever think possible.”

Remi puts a hand on Roian's shoulder giving it a gentle squeeze, also bracing herself for the torrent of feeling that had been forced upon her by both Roana and the Captain. A lump formed in her throat as she realised that they were talking about the young Caitian that had entered her store to buy a watch. 'Are you okay?' She asked her free hand wiping her lower lashes carefully.

Los smiles at Remi, nodding politely 'Some emotions are harder to block then others, my friend. I am fine however, thank-you.' He glances her over once more, hmming 'And how about yourself?' He asks off handedly

Senka nods to Kainon. “The vacancy created by Kame's departure resulted in my being named to the CMO's position here,” he tells Kainon.

Remi nods in return, 'I'm fine.' She responds and glances back to the other table with a nod and a smile, 'What do you pack for camping and kayaking? What is kayaking?' Her brows raise as she thinks.

Kainon raises his forehead and gives Senka a grin. “Well good stuff. Congratulations, Doctor. I'm certain that Captain Cross has made a /logical/ choice in his decision.” There's an inflection when Kainon says 'logical' prodding at the Vulcan a bit.

Smiling once more, Los gives a soft chuckle 'Oh, supplies for food, your bedding and a tent. Clothing as well and any items you'd need for emergencies. As for kayaking it's a thing you do in rapid waters.' He says, eyes a fixed on Remi as he talks.

Her brows remain raised as he mentioned rapids, 'As in fast moving water? With rocks and splashing?' Her lips pinch tightly and she bursts out laughing shaking her head, 'I hope you know lots of first aid.'

Los grins wryly, his head shaking slightly. A gentle chuckle follows before responding 'Only what they taught me in engineering school. Duct tape and super glue.' He replies with a wink.

“I am so going to die.” Remi says a loud her laugh fading as she grins back, 'Sounds like how to fix a leaky pipe.'

'Oh, maybe that's why I failed to repair the station core in that simulation.' Los replies in a teasing manner. “Na, you won't. Well, shouldn't unless I of course was to turn off the holo-safety systems.” He adds a loud with a grin.

Senka nods to Kainon. “Indeed, Sir. Given the staffing situation, his choice was the most logical that could have been made.” No one can tell whether he's picked up on the teasing or not.

Kainon stifles a chuckle. “Indeed. And I'm certain that Doctor Kame will prove to be a logical choice for Excalibur. Seems we're going to have an overload of good doctors on that ship.”

“I served previously with Commander Riley, Captain.” Senka's tone of voice becomes more confidential and he lowers his voice further. “And if I may make an unofficial observation, I believe you will be quite satisfied with Commander Kame's services in medical.”

Remi blinks and then narrows her eyes playfully, 'Holo-safety systems? I thought you were talking about actually going to Bajor? All that REAL stuff.' She ordered a something a little stronger to drink, not quite her usual Pattern Buffer.

Los smiles 'Oh, we are. But, I much rather test your abilities prior to the real thing on Bajor. Especially when it comes to kayaking.' He replies with a gentle smile as he looks at her.

A soft grin shifts along Los features as Remi stands up. He nods his head lightly as he moves a hand to gently touch her shoulder in a way to let her lead forward 'Well then, we won't need the backpacking stuff as it's a simulation.' He says, smiling.

Remi waves a hand to Senka as she disappears into the holosuites, “Have a good evening gentlemen.”

Los nods, following Remi.

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