SBR Akagi (MTIN-90000)

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SBR Akagi
Class: Akagi (Nebula-III)
Registry: MTIN-90000
Commanding Officer:
Division: Bajoran Defense Force
Home Port: Deep Space 9
Status: Active

The SBR Akagi (MTIN-90000) is a Akagi-class multi-mission heavy cruiser built in the 25th century. Originally designed as a member of the Nebula-class, Akagi's internal organization and armament prompted the designation of a new class (Nebula-III) and was so named as the first vessel of the new line. The vessel is currently the flagship of Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Deputy Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force and the Bajoran Emissary of the Prophets.


Ship's History

Ship Roster

Command Division

Name Rank Position Race

Operations Division

Name Rank Position Race

Security Division

Name Rank Position Race

Engineering Division

Name Rank Position Race

Science Division

Name Rank Position Race

Medical Division

Name Rank Position Race

Marine Corps Air Service

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Dedication Plaque

                                        .-----'   `-----.
                                        | [##'     `##] |
                                        `---'   __  `---'
                                           | .-'  `. |
                                           |'       `|
                             U.   S.   S.      A    K    A    G    I  
                   Starfleet Registry NX-90000 * First Starship of Her Class
                              Second Starship to Bear the Name
               Akagi-class Multimission Heavy Cruiser * Commissioned Stardate 75991
                     Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Sol Sector * Galaxy Alliance
                                      "Keizoku wa chikara nari."
                                                   -- Japanese proverb

Akagi-class (Nebula-III) starships
variant of the Nebula-class
(Starfleet, Bajoran Defense Force)

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Farragut - Yorktown - Intrepid - Nadesico - Audacious - Thunderchild - Essex - Astraeus
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