USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G)

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Class: Entereprise (Galaxy-III)
Registry: NCC-1701-G
Commanding Officer: Commodore Ael'Ihhuein t'Sahehn
Division: Starfleet (Exploration Command)
Home Port: Spacedock

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) is an Enterprise-class heavy cruiser commissioned by the Galaxy Alliance's Starfleet in the 24th century. Originally designed as a member of the Shutsugun-class (Galaxy-II), she was refit by Starfleet in 2396 with top of the line equipment, soliton hybrid technology and upgraded shields and armor. Subsequently the Enterprise's internal organization and armament prompted the designation of a new class (Galaxy-III) named for the first vessel of that line. It was reactivated in 2415 under the command of Captain M'hrr. As of November 2417 the vessel has been under the command of Commodore Ael'Ihhuein i-Mhiessan Adamson t'Sahehn.


Ship History

Ship Roster

Command Division

Name Rank Position Race
Ael'Ihhuein t'Sahehn Commodore Commanding Officer Rihannsu
Adam R. Cross Commander Executive Officer Terran
Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn Lieutenant Second Officer Rihannsu
Benedict E. Talbot Lieutenant Mission Specialist Command Officer Terran

Operations Division

Name Rank Position Race
Eris Vesta Lieutenant Operations Officer Angelite

Security Division

Name Rank Position Race
Travis LeBlanc Commander Chief Security Officer Terran
LTJG Bush Lieutenant (JG) Security Officer Terran

Engineering Division

Name Rank Position Race
Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn Lieutenant Chief Engineering Officer Rihannsu

Helm Division

Name Rank Position Race
Travis LeBlanc Commander Chief Helm Officer Terran

Science Division

Name Rank Position Race
Elthemor Sagewood Lieutenant Chief Science Officer Terran

Medical Division

Name Rank Position Race
Samuel Jameson Riley Lieutenant Commander Chief Medical Officer Terran
Senka Lieutenant (JG) Medical Officer Terran

Dedication Plaque

U.S.S. Enterprise

Enterprise-class Heavy Cruiser * Starfleet Registry NCC-1701-G
Eighth Starship to Bear The Name

Commissioned 62763.5 * Shutsugun-class Heavy Cruiser
Geordi La Forge Memorial Shipyards, Stebben Sector
Refit Stardate 92290.03 * First Starship of Her Class
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Sol Sector

"... to boldy go where no one has gone before... "

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