SBR Excalibur (MTIN-90003)

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Class: Akagi-class
Registry: MTIN-90003
Status: Active
Commanding Officer:
Division: Bajoran Defense Force Navy
Home Port: Deep Space 9

The SBR Excalibur (MTIN-90003) is an Akagi-class multi-mission heavy cruiser in the 24th century. Originally designed as a member of the Nebula-class, Excalibur's internal organization and armament prompted the designation of a new class (Nebula-III) named for the first vessel of that line. She is the third Starfleet vessel to be named after the sword of King Arthur of the Arthurian legend. Since 2438, Excalibur was transferred to the service of the Bajoran Defense Force as part of a purchase agreement.


Ship's History

Stardate 77965.21     (18-Dec-2400)

Captain I. R. Xanathos assumed command of PCU Excalibur.

Stardate 80283.95     (14-Apr-2403)

Branch Admiral I. R. Xanathos was relieved of command, and ordered to assume command of Starfleet Logistics.

Stardate 100456.9     (16-Jun-2423)

Captain M'hrr assumed command of USS Excalibur.

Stardate 100706.96     (15-Sep-2423)

USS Excalibur received a mayday transmitted by CCV Skidbladnir, a freighter which had been fired upon while departing Starbase Tenazra. Skidbladnir was en route from Bajor to Trill when it vanished from Tenazra's sensors. Excalibur departed from Spacedock to Tenazra at maximum warp. Upon arrival, nothing unusual was found. Excalibur then matched Skidbladnir's flight path to Bajor, and again nothing unusual was detected.

Skidbladnir eventually managed to establish contact with Excalibur, and reported they were near Epsilon Kasahara. Excalibur returned to Trill after USS Klamath, which had launched from DS9, was targeted and came under heavy fire from an unknown vessel. Excalibur sustained heavy damage, effectively crippling it, and shortly thereafter the unknown attacker ceased further hostility. Excalibur's medical facilities were also damaged. Excalibur was towed back to Utopia Planitia for repairs, which were completed on stardate 100745.16, two weeks later, whereupon the ship returned to service.

Stardate 100887.79     (20-Nov-2423)

USS Excalibur encountered a field of trilithium particles along its patrol route, which inhibited the performance of the warp drive and impulse engines. Ensign S'hado assisted from Astrometrics to guide Excalibur through a less dense field of trilithium particles as the ship was driven by forward motion of decompressed air from the stardrive's shuttle-bays.

During the events, a crewman (Midshipman Milda) experienced a severe mental break, somehow managing to gain access to the battle bridge. Midshipman Milda began feeding commands to the warp engines, propelling the ship to warp 9 and further damaging the engines. After the Midshipman was restrained, the crew proceeded to use a modified cobalt device to dissipate the converging trilithium. The detonation was successful, with an added effect of causing the trilithium and the ship found to disappear into the future. A buoy was placed to warn ships of the trilithium showing up again.

Stardate 100946.00     (11-Dec-2423)

USS Excalibur responded to a vessel threatening Deep Space Nine. Upon arrival and while cloaked, Excalibur attempted to move closer to Deep Space Nine and target the apparently-cloaked vessel. The vessel (later identified as CCV Wolf) continued to slip in and out of cloak, and to randomly fire on the station, while Excalibur's crew attempted to locate it using a series of coordinated tachyon pulses generated by DS9 and Excalibur. I.S.S Fesarius, a Federation ship, attempted to facilitate the capture of CCV Wolf. In the process, Fesarius began experiencing power hiccups which caused random bits of holo-imagery to be displayed including the Celestial Temple, and an exploding Deep Space Nine. CCV Wolf managed to escape, the sensor readings showing its destruction apparently having been faked as well.

Stardate 101263.21     (6-Apr-2424)

Several of USS Excalibur's bridge crew were privy to a conversation between Lieutenant Commander Talbot and Admiral Shra'Hawk, Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations, involving an attempted rescue of Captain Astor-Cross, who had been missing for quite some time. Commander Talbot abruptly departed the ship without another word, returning several hours later, only to be abruptly beamed off the ship by an unknown entity. Efforts to re-establish contact with LCDR Talbot failed. A call was put in to Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Chief of Starfleet Operations, to deliver a report, and to ascertain Excalibur's orders regarding Commander Talbot and Captain Cross, as no one save Commander Talbot had apparently been briefed on the matter.

The Admiral ordered Excalibur to proceed to a set of coordinates.. and wait for further instructions, which would be delivered on-site. Upon arrival at the coordinates, Excalibur linked up with a good-sized fleet of ships. Admiral Ruao's ship, the SBR Sarapis, showed up shortly thereafter, and the Trade Platform raised its shields. Excalibur was ordered into weapons range, and thereupon the platform fired a series of beams into the fleet, crippling a good many of the gathered cruisers. The Sarapis was able to retrieve several captives, including Captain Astor-Cross, before all ships were ordered to commence a tactical retreat to Deep Space 9 for repairs.

Stardate 101295.99     (Apr-18-2424)

In accordance with a joint venture between BAJCOM and SFCOM, on April 18, 2424, Captain Kainon of the Bajoran Defense Force was transferred over to assume command of Excalibur, presenting himself as Captain M'hrr's relief. Commander Karalos Zeno, Lieutenant Commander Benedict Edward Talbot, Lieutenant Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn, Lieutenant Kailyn Pryus-Talbot, and Lieutenant JG Casey Maguire were relieved of their duties aboard Excalibur and transferred to posts aboard Deep Space 9. Joining Captain Kainon aboard Excalibur were Commander Travis LeBlanc (SFN), Lieutenant-Commander Kero Sene (BDFN), Captain Kenneth Adamson (SFN), Lieutenant JG Marcus Urban (SFN), and Lieutenant-Commander Kame Alhe (BDFN).

Stardate 101361.57     (12-May-2424)

USS Excalibur was dispatched to seek out a replacement part for a faulty EPS router aboard Deep Space 9, which had caused a stationwide power failure. Excalibur returned to DS9 within the hour.

Stardate 101820.41     (28-Oct-2424)

En route to Trill, on October 28, 2424, USS Excalibur was scanned by an unknown entity (later determined to be CCV Frozen Custard, a K'vort-class Bird of Prey), prompting shields raised, and weapons armed. CDR LeBlanc advised nearby Starbase Tenazra of the situation, and ordered the ship to Red Alert. Excalibur set course for the source of the initial scan. Frozen Custard decloaked, and communications were established on public frequencies. Frozen Custard agreed to come to a full stop, lower shields, and undergo an inspection. The situation quickly became hostile: after informing the Custard of Excalibur's intent to board, Custard began venting antimatter. Weapons-fire was exchanged between the ships, with Frozen Custard coming out on top. Excalibur was forced to make a tactical retreat to Starbase Tenazra for repairs.

Stardate 102173.4     (05-Mar-2425)

USS Excalibur became trapped near Valo III by a Cardassian-laid minefield. The crew began brainstorming plans to escape the minefield.

Stardate 102197.54     (13-Mar-2425)

USS Excalibur was hailed by Gul Almar, commanding officer of KMV Chudra, shortly after 19:00 hours. Captain Kainon's presence was requested on the bridge, and a tete-a-tete between the Gul and Captain ensued. Shortly afterward, the order was given to sound general quarters, the idea being that the situation would, in Captain Kainon's words, become "messy." A request for "input" was drafted for BAJCOM, but before it could be transmitted the comms relay was taken offline by sources unknown (later discovered to be a jamming signal broadcast from an outpost on Valo III).

Efforts were made to escape the jamming signal, and the message began transmitting. Excalibur set course for Valo III, and scanned the nearby Telok Drydocks, finding that all twenty-five lifesigns, the docks' usual crew compliment, had vanished, and that one individual had beamed down to the surface of the nearby planet. A search of the area revealed a warp signature matching a Keldon-class cruiser, identical to that of the Chudra. Escaping to a safe distance, Captain Kainon transmitted a report detailing the situation, and the Cardassians' involvement in the invasion of Valo Province, and the abduction of individuals from the drydocks.

Meanwhile, Commander LeBlanc and Lieutenant (jg) S'hado beamed down to the planet's surface, and tracked the unknown person to a cafe off the main square of a settlement. LeBlanc and S'hado shortly thereafter entered a cafe, and interrupted a Cardassian Glen armed with a disruptor. Commander LeBlanc distracted the Glen, with a civilian girl's help, while Lieutenant S'hado proceeded to stun him. The Glen managed to get a shot off, collapsing the ceiling and wounding S'hado and the young girl, as well as a Cardassian-Valosian refugee. Both were transported to Excalibur for treatment, and the Glen to the brig for questioning.

Job done on Valo III, LeBlanc beamed directly to Drydock Operations, having been informed of the power fluctuations there. He was attacked shortly after arrival by an individual standing at the Engineering console. A fistfight ensued, and the injured civilian was transported to Excalibur for treatment.

Stardate 102544.71     (19-Jul-2425)

After nearly four months of planning, USS Excalibur was able to break through the blockade, slip past the nearby KMV Mardan and Chudra, and make its way back to Deep Space 9.

Stardate 103301.19     (20-Apr-2426)

USS Excalibur departed Deep Space 9 on vectors for Trill, with the ultimate destination being the Bolian homeworld. Shortly after clearing Trill, Excalibur received an alert from a navhazard buoy, and adjusted course to avoid the incoming object (later determined to be a comet of considerable size). Figuring a gravimetric anomaly to be responsible for pulling the comet so far off course (Excalibur had been in a trade lane at the time), orders were given to commence scans of the area.

Scans turned up evidence of a gravimetric anomaly approximately 2,680 kliks from Excalibur's position, as well as a mysterious ship. The nav-database revealed that Excalibur had been moved just shy of the L-881 system, nine and a half hours due south of Galaxy Alliance space at cruise warp, since avoiding the comet. Shortly after this revelation, Captain Kainon departed the bridge to prepare a report for Starfleet Command.

A subspace rift appeared shortly thereafter, preceded by a large explosion, and begun drawing Excalibur toward it. Ensign Taxo, Excalibur's Chief Helmsman, was successful in wrestling the ship from the rift's grip. Subsequent nav-scans of the area determined that Excalibur had been further distanced from its initial position, roughly 57 parsecs past the Angel system. At current speed, Excalibur would be home within the week, if all went well.

Stardate 103416.44     (1-Jun-2426)

Excalibur continued toward Alliance space, after having been propelled through a gravimetric anomaly into unknown space, when it into contact with an unknown subspace anomaly which triggered safeties after dissipating Excalibur's warp field. Apparently a known phenomenon in this area of space, a ship decloaked only a minute after warp drive was disengaged. The ship, identified as the CCV Ros'teth CID-84969, scanned as a Kyuushu-class warbird of standard configuration. Excalibur assumed a defensive-neutral stance after noting the aggressive proximity and angle of attack at which the ship decloaked, and rather than take an equally aggressive posture, Excalibur made contact with the ship via viewscreen. The enemy ship captain, identified as Warlord Grizzah, seemed to be under the impression that the USS Excalibur had been completely disabled by the effects of the subspace anomaly. Overly assured of himself, Grizzah moved to attack Excalibur. Having no other choice, Commander LeBlanc ordered shields raised, and a warning shot put across the Ros'teth's bow. Excalibur attempted to disable the Kyuushu for further investigation, but a series of unpredictable failures in the older ship resulted in its destruction. Excalibur salvaged material from the ship's hull, and transported it aboard under full medical quarantine for further investigation upon return to Alliance space, and once again set off toward home.

Stardate 103432.94     (7-Jun-2426)

After so many months away, Excalibur was finally able to return to Deep Space 9 for repairs and liberty.

Ship Roster

Command Division

Name Rank Position Race
KAINON Essa Captain Commanding Officer Bajoran
LEBLANC, Travis Commander Executive Officer Terran
KERO Sene Lieutenant-Commander Second Officer Bajoran
DYFED, Dylan Master Chief Petty Officer Command Master Chief Trill

Operations Division

Name Rank Position Race
KERO Sene Lieutenant-Commander Chief Operations Officer Bajoran

Flight Operations Division

Name Rank Position Race
Kilwa TAXO Ensign Acting Chief Helm Officer Iotian

Security Division

Name Rank Position Race
RAYNER, Dominic Lieutenant Chief Security Officer Terran
DIHON, Kenor Lieutenant (JG) Security Officer Betazoid

Engineering Division

Name Rank Position Race
ADAMSON, Kenneth Captain Chief Engineering Officer Terran
KORIN, S'verdk'lashlen Lieutenant (JG) Engineering Officer Vulcan
DYFED, Dylan Master Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Engineer's Mate Trill
WILLIAMS, Emily Crewman Apprentice Damage Controlman's Apprentice Vulcan/Betazoid

Science Division

Name Rank Position Race
RILEY, Samuel Jameson Commander Chief Science Officer Terran
R'STA Lieutenant Science Officer Caitian
SAGEWOOD, Elthemor Alexandre Lieutenant Science Officer Terran
S'HADO Lieutenant (jg) Science Officer Caitian

Medical Division

Name Rank Position Race
KAME Alhe Lieutenant-Commander Chief Medical Officer Bajoran
LOKOI, Xara Lieutenant (JG) Ship's Counselor Betazoid
URBAN, Marcus Zed Lieutenant (JG) Medical Officer Terran

Commanding Officers

From To Captain
SD 77965.21 (Dec 18 2400) SD 80283.95 (Apr 14 2403) Captain I. R. Xanathos
SD 100456.9 (Jun 16 2423) SD 101295.99 (Apr 18 2424) Captain M'hrr
SD 101295.99 (Apr 18 2424) SD 103432.94 (Jun 7 2426) Captain Kainon Essa BDF

Dedication Plaque

                               .-----'   `-----.
                               | [##'     `##] |
                               `---'   __  `---'
                                  | .-'  `. |
                                  |'       `|

           U.   S.   S.      E    X    C    A    L    I    B    U    R  

         Starfleet Registry NCC-90003  * Third Starship to Bear the Name
      Akagi-class Multimission Heavy Cruiser *  Commissioned Stardate 79246
            Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards, Sol Sector * Galaxy Alliance

                       "l'audace, toujours, l'audace..."

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Pryus' Research Proposition to Riley (RP Log) 29 January 2014 Pryus-Talbot, Riley
Rescue Mission (RP Log) 05 February 2014 Aelia (NPC), Astor-Cross, Eilonwy, Giellun, Ito, Lokoi, Niian, Rayner, R'sta, Ruao, S'hado, Shra'Hawk, Talbot
Seeking Answers (RP Log) 14 February 2014 Kainon, Senka
Ten-Forward Interlude (RP Log) 19 February 2014 Kainon, Kame, LeBlanc, S'hado
Dr. Strangerange; or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Target Dummy (RP Log) 20 February 2014 Kainon, LeBlanc
Dying Breed (RP Log) 23 February 2014 Ito, LeBlanc
Departure of Shogun (RP Log) 27 February 2014 Ito, Kainon, LeBlanc, Rayner
Of Misconceptions and Mission Objectives (RP Log) 08 April 2014 Kainon, LeBlanc, Draset (NPC)
Drills and Decorum (RP Log) 15 April 2014 Kainon, Williams
Another Day at the Office (RP Log) 17 April 2014 Kainon, Kame, Rayner, Riss (NPC)
Running the Blockade (RP Log) 23 April 2014 Dihon, Kainon, LeBlanc, Maguire, Rayner, Riley, Taxo, Williams
Ten-Forward Introductions (RP Log) 25 April 2014 Rayner, Taxo, Williams
What Hit Me? (RP Log) 07 May 2014 LeBlanc, Taxo

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