USS Indefatigable (NCC-82139)

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Class: Sovereign
Registry: NCC-82139
Commanding Officer: Unassigned
Status: Destroyed

The USS Indefatigable (NCC-82139) was a Sovereign-class battlecruiser commissioned by the Galaxy Alliance's Starfleet in the 24th century.


Ship's History

In 2396, the use of her quantum slipstream drive had resulted in significant damage to her spaceframe. The ship was taken to Geordi La Forge Memorial Shipyards and her crew, under the command of Captain Aron Amadeus, was transferred to USS Shutsugun NCC-81410. Some time later, it was discovered that the quantum drive was sustaining a number of subspace fissures near Risa. The ship was destroyed in order to seal the fissures.

Past Commanding Officers

Dedication Plaque

             U.  S.  S.    I  N  D  E  F  A  T  I  G  A  B  L  E

          Starfleet Registry NCC-82139 * Sovereign-class Battlecruiser
         Launched Stardate 51833.61 * Geordi La Forge Memorial Shipyards
                        Stebben Sector * Galaxy Alliance

    "... about the journeys we have travelled,
                and how far we've still to go as men."  -- C. S. Forrester

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