USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)

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USS ShiKahr
Class: Lirpa-class
Registry: NCC-73402
Status: Active Duty (Border Patrol)
Commanding Officer: Commander Zye La'Vash
Division: Starfleet Operations (Border Patrol)
Home Port: USS Argo (NCC-92104), Task Group 7.1

The USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402) is a Lirpa-class Light Cruiser built in the 25th century, which is presently assigned to Starfleet Border Patrol as part of the Seventh Defense Fleet's Task Group 7.1, an asset frequently utilized in the Dominion War. The vessel is the progression of the Intrepid-class and Pathfinder-class designs.


Ship Roster

Division Name Rank Position Race
Command LA'VASH, Zye Commander Commanding Officer Selay
VALLAR, Alden Lieutenant Commander Executive Officer Betazoid
Operations TEMPLE, Alexander Lieutenant Commander Chief Operations Officer Terran
QUL CHUH, of the house of Ki'Gr Lieutenant (jg) Operations Officer Klingon
Security EZRAN, of the House of Edgjen Lieutenant Commander Chief Security Officer Klingon
ITO, Hoshi Lieutenant (jg) Security Officer Betazoid
Flight Division EZRAN, of the House of Edgjen Lieutenant Commander Acting Chief Helm Officer Klingon
Engineering JEV, Darian Lieutenant Chief Engineering Officer Trill
BLACK, Merek Lieutenant (jg) Deputy Chief of Engineering Terran
Science R'STA Lieutenant Commander Chief Science Officer Caitian
Medical PRUDOME, Carl Lieutenant Commander Chief Medical Officer Terran

Commanding Officers

From To Commanding Officer
118724.46 <Present> Commander LA'VASH, Zye

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
The Computer Programmer January 7, 2017 Black, Jev, Temple

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