USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)

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USS ShiKahr
Class: Lirpa-class
Registry: NCC-73402
Status: Active Duty (Border Patrol)
Commanding Officer: Commander Zye La'Vash
Division: Starfleet Operations (Border Patrol)
Home Port: USS Argo (NCC-92104), Task Group 7.1

USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402) is a 25th century Lirpa-class Light Cruiser — the progression of the Intrepid-class and Pathfinder-class designs — presently assigned to Starfleet Border Patrol. While initially serving as part of the Seventh Defense Fleet's Task Group 7.1, the vessel was transferred to the Seventh Defense Fleet proper following the dissolution of the taskgroup on stardate 121351.9 (May 2444).


Ship-specific Modifications

Boasting a crew that has been together for over 5 years, certain modifications to ship systems first established on USS Equinox (NCC-73020) and USS Sojourner (NCC-91893) have been carried over to this vessel.

  • Sensor Modifications for use in Helaspont Nebula: The process cuts out white noise - such as gas, radiation, and various other non-harmful materials - reading them as natural occurances and allows for transfer of signals through as if they were empty space. The improvement is slight, but has been enough to gain just enough forewarning to avoid danger. First installed on USS Sojourner (NCC-91893)
  • TransFUR Vent-Gates: When micro-detectors register large densities of Caitian fur they trigger a micro-transporter which beams the clump of fur to a large receptacle for fur in Waste and Reclamation. These little devices greatly reduce the ventilation and electrical clogging caused by Caitian shedding during shedding season.
  • Manual Computer Core Bypass Routings: After a sabotage of the Computer Core on USS Equinox (NCC-73020), manual bypass override patterns were put in place to prevent future unauthorized access to the ship's Computer Core from having such disastrous effects. There are five total manual override pattern mappings. Routing modules are reconfigured by R Div personnel to match the manual mapping sequence to disrupt computer intrusion.

Ship Roster

Department Position Name Rank Race
Command Commanding Officer LA'VASH, Zye Commander Selay
Executive Officer DANEK, Orryn Lieutenant Commander Joined Trill
Swing Officer TAXO, Kilwa Commander Iotian
Chief Helmsman MATHEWS, John Lieutenant Commander Terran
Helm Officer VAZIRI, Nadia Lieutenant (jg) Terran
Operations Interim Chief Operations Officer QULCHUH, of the House of Ki'Gr Lieutenant Klingon
Operations Officer Thirishalev "SHALEV" ch'Zhoreth Ensign Andorian
Security Chief Security Officer CONNOR, Chad Lieutenant Commander Terran
Engineering Chief Engineer JEV, Dorian Lieutenant Commander Trill
Machinery Repair Officer ELAC Lieutenant Klingon
Auxiliaries Chief (A-Gang) D'AHR, son of Kakz Chief Petty Officer Klingon
Science Chief Science Officer TAVROK Lieutenant Commander Vulcan
Deputy Chief Science Officer QAVISH, Xalendra Lieutenant Bolian
Science Officer PELARA, Brein'yal Lieutenant (jg) Deltan
Science Crewman DINAL, Nicia Crewman Cardassian
Medical Chief Medical Officer ADRINON, Saisha Commander Terran
Medical Officer PRUDOME Ganda, Carl Lieutenant Commander Terran

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
The Computer Programmer January 7, 2017 Black, Jev, Temple

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