USS Shutsugun (NCC-81410)

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Class: Shutsugun (Galaxy-II)
Registry: NCC-81410
Commanding Officer: Captain Aron Erasto Amadeus
Division: Exploration Command
Home Port: Spacedock
Status: Destroyed

The USS Shutsugun (NCC-81410) was a Shutsugun-class heavy cruiser in the 24th century. Originally designed as a member of the Galaxy-class, Shutsugun's internal organization and armament prompted the designation of a new class (Galaxy-II) named for the first vessel of that line.


Ship's History

USS Shutsugun, an uprated design based on the original Galaxy-class starship, was originally designed to fight the Borg. She commissioned on stardate 47887 from Eisn Military Fleet Yards as NCC-81410. However, once the war with the Borg had been won, she was reassigned to exploration duty under the command of then-Rear Admiral Ruao Sarjanna. However, on the ship's maiden voyage, the ship encountered a spatial anomaly, sending it into the depths of the Delta Quadrant. Ruao was responsible for seeing to the vessel's safe return to Alliance territory.

Following her taxing, lengthy service, USS Shutsugun was removed from active duty and placed on stand-by, a status that she maintained for some time. As starship technology continued to advance and smaller, more consolidated ships became the standard on Starfleet design, the return of USS Shutsugun to active duty was pushed back again and again. However, during this time, the vessel was outfitted with the latest in warp propulsion technology, the solition-based warp drive. Due to the complexity of the Shutsugun-class systems, the core was superimposed over the existing technology. In main engineering, the soliton drive quite literally appears to have been added next to the traditional warp core as an afterthought.

In mid-2396, a new home was needed for the crew of USS Indefatigable (NCC-82139) after she sustained critical damage to her spaceframe necessitating a major repair and refit cycle. USS Shutsugun was pulled out of the mothballs in rather short order, and Captain Aron Amadeus assumed command on stardate 74506.7 along with the rest of his crew.

Ship Roster

Command Division

Name Rank Position Race
AMADEUS, Aron Erasto Captain Commanding Officer Deltan
REED-MAGUIRE, Jason Xander Commander Executive Officer Betazoid

Operations Division

Name Rank Position Race
MAGUIRE-REED, Casey Lynn Lieutenant Chief Operations Officer/
Second Officer
METZEN, Odin Lieutenant Operations Officer Terran
BRENNAN, Sionnach Ensign Operations Officer Betazoid

Security Division

Name Rank Position Race
STARK, John Major Chief Security Officer Terran
ASHBUR, Brom Lieutenant Strategic Analyst Betazoid
LIANG, Jin First Lieutenant Security Marine Officer Terran
DIPIERO, Peter A. Ensign Security Officer Terran
THOMAS, Brock Ensign Security Officer Terran

Engineering Division

Name Rank Position Race
ADAMSON, Kenneth R. Captain Chief Engineering Officer Terran
TEI, Teelis Commander Engineering Officer Romulan
ELRIC Lieutenant (JG) Engineering Officer Android
NIRANI Fenn Midshipman First Class Engineering Trainee Bajoran

Science Division

Name Rank Position Race
Unassigned C-blank1.png Chief Science Officer --
M'RRANA Lieutenant (JG) Biosciences & Geosciences Caitian
REDAG Ensign Science Officer Vulcan
RICORDATI, Cardenio Ensign Physics & Anthropology Terran
ZARYA, Alisa Ensign Science Officer Trill

Medical Division

Name Rank Position Race
SHEFFIELD, Anne Lieutenant Commander Chief Medical Officer Terran
SARISA Lieutenant Medical Doctor Vulcan
FANN Lieutenant (JG) Medical Doctor Ferengi
BRENNAN, Saoraigne Lieutenant (JG) Medical Doctor Betazoid

Dedication Plaque


Starfleet Registry NCC-81410 * Galaxy-class Multimission Heavy Cruiser
Commissioned Stardate 47887 * Eisn Military Fleet Yards
ch'Rihan Sector * Galaxy Alliance

"As we live, we grow and our beliefs change. They must change. So I think we should live with this constant discovery. We should be open to this
adventure in heightened awareness of living. We should stake our whole existence on our willingness to explore and experience." -- Martin Buber

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