USS T'Paal (NCC-73403)

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Class: Lirpa-class
Registry: NCC-73403
Status: Active
Commanding Officer: Commander Kilwa Taxo
Division: Starfleet Operations (Border Patrol)
Home Port: Task Group 7.1

The USS T'Paal (NCC-73403) is a 25th-century ship, specifically a Lirpa-class Light Cruiser, presently assigned to Starfleet Border Patrol as part of the Seventh Defense Fleet's Task Group 7.1, an asset frequently utilized in the Dominion War. The vessel is the progression of the Intrepid-class and Pathfinder-class designs.

Ship Roster

Name Rank Division Position Race
TAXO, Kilwa Commander Command Commanding Officer Iotian
MATHEWS, John Lieutenant Commander Executive Officer Terran
DANEK, Orryn Lieutenant Operations Chief Operations Officer Joined Trill
KELIN, Naora Ensign Operations Officer Trill
CONNOR, Chad Lieutenant Commander Security Chief Security Officer Terran
JAZGAN, Esa Lieutenant Engineering Chief Engineer El-Aurian
M'KU Lieutenant (jg) Deputy Chief Engineer Caitian
ROBERTS, Kevin Lieutenant (jg) Engineering Officer Terran
D'AHR, son of Kakz Petty Officer First Class NCOIC Engineering Officer Klingon
TAVROK Lieutenant Commander Science Chief Science Officer Vulcan
TAVIN, Garadan Lieutenant Commander Medical Chief Medical Officer Joined Trill
ADRINON, Saisha Lieutenant Commander Medical Officer Terran

Commanding Officers

Captain From To
Kilwa Taxo 118740.94 Present

Ship's History

Stardate IC Date OOC Date Entry
118740.94 Sep 28 2441 Jan 03 2017 The Lirpa-class Light Cruiser USS T'Paal (NCC-73403) is activated, and commences service, under the command of Commander Kilwa Taxo. Initial crew is transferred from USS Nereus, followed by additional crew over the next several days.
118775.59 Oct 10 2441 Jan 05 2017 USS T'Paal conducts shakedown patrol, departing Spacedock for Qo'nos, returning to Spacedock on stardate 118777.07; shakedown complete, all systems nominal.
118870.26 Nov 15 2441 Jan 11 2017 At the request of Spacedock, USS T'Paal joins USS ShiKahr in clearing derelict vessels from Spacedock and Starbase 925. After heading to Starbase 925, one of the vessels in question -- CCV Haunted Star CIC-41117 -- is towed to a safe distance, and scuttled.
119018.00 Jan 07 2442 Jan 20 2017 While patrolling near the border to Beta Zeta, two light-years away from Klaestron IV, on a mission to observe a wide corridor of space encompassing the Trillius, Solosos, Klaestron, and Valo systems, USS T'Paal is surprised by the sudden appearance of a vessel from the Dominion, later identified as DMV Dy'Xidl DCN-6899. The Dominion vessel appears from behind one of the Klaestron IV moons, before apparently suffering a hull breach and crashing into the desert-like fourth moon of the system.
119034.35 Jan 13 2442 Jan 21 2017 An away team from T'Paal, spurred on by previous events, departs on a covert/classified mission to the moon where the Dominion fighter crashed. Upon the return of the away team, T'Paal departs the region, and heads for Spacedock.
119169.06 Mar 03 2442 Jan 29 2017 USS T'Paal is ordered to intercept a Dominion Warp Fighter approaching Spacedock. The fighter, upon sighting T'Paal, attempts to avoid contact. T'Paal comes into contact with a spatial anomaly, causing the ship's Automated Safety Control to adjust for what it believes to be a rogue soliton field. T'Paal is thus pulled into the nearby Helaspont Nebula, as the ship's engineers attempt to fix the issue. The rogue soliton field leads the ASC to believe the core is going to breach; subsequently, plasma is dumped into the nebula, which in turn causes T'Paal to be flooded with high levels of radiation.

T'Paal's crew brings the ship into orbit of a nearby rogue planet, and launches escape pods. Senior staff, and those making it to the transporters, are able to beam down to the planet, but end up scattered across a small area of the planet. After a short amount of time planet-side, the T'Paal crew are joined by crew from a downed Dominion fighter. One of the crew, a Jem'Hadar First — Tug'Anan, also known as Eiran — assists the crew in restoring access to T'Paal, and escaping the planet. T'Paal's crew, in return, assists Tug'Anan in returning to the Dominion.
119460.86 Jun 17 2442 Feb 16 2017 USS T'Paal observes the launching of three Dominion warp fighters (DMV Dy'Tell DCN-6940, DMV Zy'Ezea DCN-6939 and DMV Zy'Axida DCN-6938) from a battleship (DMV Ri'kam DCN-6931) as it enters T'Paal's area of operations. The three fighters head toward an asteroid field straddling the Dominion-Alliance border. Upon noting the fighters' crossing over into Alliance territory, T'Paal moves to a defensive position.

The three warp fighters engage T'Paal, following which the latter experiences total weapons system failure. It is later revealed that, during an attempt to fire both heavy cannons in unison, the weapons system's primary EPS relay overloaded, causing cascading failure to both heavy weapon systems capacitors. T'Paal takes a beating, costing a fusion generator and other key systems. She is towed to Utopia Planetia by USS ShiKahr.
119494.18 Jun 30 2442 Feb 18 2017 USS T'Paal receives a general alert from Starbase 621 regarding inbound contacts, later determined to be Dominion ships. T'Paal departs from Spacedock, and heads to Starbase 621. A brief battle occurs between T'Paal and DMV Ri'kam; by the battle's end, T'Paal is able to chase the enemy back across the Dominion-Alliance border before heading to Starbase 621 for minor repairs.
119827.88 Oct 29 2442 Mar 10 2017 USS T'Paal responds to a fleet-wide alert raised by USS ShiKahr: three Dominion Warp Fighters on approach to Beta Centauri, before altering course for the Sol System. T'Paal engages a pursuit course, and shortly thereafter initiates high-warp battle with DMV Dy'Tell, Zy'Ezea, and Zy'Axida. The battle shifts as the Dominion Warp fighters retreat to the border; DMV Dy'Tell is destroyed.

DMV Ri'kam enters the battle, and engages the arriving USS ShiKahr and USS T'Paal. Eventually, DMV Ri'kam is disabled, and T'Paal left lacking its Impulse, Communications, Transporters and Tractor as a result of damage taken during the battle. As T'Paal moves to deliver the final blow, DMV Ri'Kam lashes out, and destroys T'Paal's Fusion reactor. On return to the Sol System, a fire breaks out in the Impulse and Fusion power assembly compartment. Lieutenant (jg) Jazgan is able to dump the deuterium that fed the fire, but unable to purge the compartment to space, resulting in T'Paal's Impulse and Fusion power assembly compartment being destroyed. T'Paal is tractored by USS ShiKahr to Utopia Planetia for repairs.

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Percival's First Adventure 11 January 2017 Connor, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews
The Haunted Star 11 January 2017 Connor, D'Ahr, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Reid
Dixxy Down Part One 20 January 2017 Connor, D'Ahr, Jazgan, Mathews, Taxo
Dixxy Down Part Two 21 January 2017 Connor, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Taxo
Dixxy Down Part Three 22 January 2017 Connor, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
Worse Than a Console 28 January 2017 Adrinon, Connor, Jazgan, M'ku, Taxo
Survival in a Freezer 31 January 2017 Adrinon, Connor, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
The Great Freezer Hunt 31 January 2017 Adrinon, Connor, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
Sharing Freezer Space 2 February 2017 Adrinon, Connor, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo, Jem'Hadar NPCs
Finding Power in the Freezer 4 February 2017 Adrinon, Connor, D'Ahr, Danek, Jazgan, M'ku, Mathews, Taxo
Starving 5 February 2017 Adrinon, Connor, Taxo, Tug'Anan (NPC)

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