USS Tarawa (NCC-82143)

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Class: Sovereign class
Registry: 82143
Status: Active
Commanding Officer: Captain Patrick R. Mathis
Division: Corps of Engineers
Home Port: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

USS Tarawa NCC-82143 is a modified Sovereign-class heavy battlecruiser, refitted explicitly to serve as a Fleet Flagship. Deck Two was re-purposed to hold an office, personal quarters, briefing room and docking port expressly for the Flag Officer and his or her staff. In addition, Deck Twelve features a CIC (Command Information Center) which is designed to house and play host to Fleet Operations personnel as they carry out battle orders and assignments. From the CIC, whole fleet strategies and tactics can be played out over the consoles and are designated to communicate with each Task Force assigned to the fleet. As of Stardate 106927.73, the Tarawa has been the assigned flagship of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and is currently under the command of Captain Patrick R. Mathis.



The Tarawa was launched from the Geordi La Forge Memorial Shipyards on Stardate 52190 (March 11, 2374). In addition to regular Fleet Operations service, the battlecruiser has served for more than 10 years (2386-2396, 2404-) as the flagship for Admiral Corion Rel.

On Stardate 106927.73 (Dec 5, 2429), Tarawa was transferred to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to serve as the flagship for Rear Admiral Amadeus.

Ship Roster

Command Division

Name Rank Position Race
AMADEUS, Aron E. Branch Admiral Flag Officer Deltan
MATHIS, R. Patrick Captain Commanding Officer Terran
N/A N/A Executive Officer N/A
EDWARDS, Henry P. Lieutenant (JG) Special Projects Liaison Terran


Name Rank Position Race
N/A N/A Chief Navigating Officer N/A

Operations Division

Name Rank Position Race
N/A N/A Chief Operations Officer N/A

Security Division

Name Rank Position Race
N/A N/A Chief Security Officer N/A

Engineering Division

Name Rank Position Race
N/A N/A Chief Engineering Officer N/A

Science Division

Name Rank Position Race
N/A N/A Chief Science Officer N/A

Medical Division

Name Rank Position Race
N/A N/A Chief Medical Officer N/A

Former Commanding Officers

  • Sheila Palmer
  • Riasea Sylvian (Flag captain)
  • William Churchill (Flag captain)
  • Prester


Saucer Section

  • Deck 1 : Main Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge.
  • Deck 2 : Flag Office, Flag Quarters, Flag Docking Port, Flag Briefing Room.
  • Deck 4 : Stellar Cartography, Transporter Room One, Transporter Room Two.
  • Deck 6 : Guest Quarters, Science Laboratory One,
  • Deck 8 : Officers' Quarters, Wardroom, Impulse Engineering.
  • Deck 10: Sickbay, Security, Holodeck One, Holodeck Two, Ten-Forward.
  • Deck 12: CIC, Captain's Yacht Dock, Fusion Generator Access.

Stardrive Section

  • Deck 12: Auxiliary Control, Captain's Yacht Dock, Fusion Generator Access.
  • Deck 14: Deuterium Storage, Computer Core Access, Holodeck Three/Four.
  • Deck 16: Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool.
  • Deck 18: Flight Operations Center, Aft Observation Deck, Nacelle Access.
  • Deck 20: Main Shuttlebay, Airlock, Deflector Control, Transporter Room Three.
  • Deck 22: Main Engineering, Shuttle Repair Bay.
  • Deck 24: Ship's Brig, Cargo Bay One, Cargo Bay Two, Antimatter Storage.

Dedication Plaque

U. S. S. T A R A W A

Starfleet Registry NCC-82143 * Sovereign-class Flagship Battlecruiser
Launched Stardate 52190 * Geordi La Forge Memorial Shipyards, Stebben Sector
Galaxy Alliance

"... feet wear down stone... hands mould down iron...

perseverence overcomes adversity..." -- Jack McKinney

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