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Roleplay Log
20 Feb 2014
Saith & Soah Coffeehouse [Deep Space 9]
The smell of coffee and chocolate overwhelms the senses as you enter through the glass doors from the station's promenade, a little brass-colored bell attached high on the door dings whenever it is opened-- a purely novel gadget, surely. This is a small place, quite modest in appearance and setting. No more than three small tables sit overlooking windows to the bustling commerce area outside, windows that are partially obstructed by a display of boxes of tea and large bags of gourmet Rihannsu coffee.
Artwork hangs on walls, bookshelves between the canvases hold a variety of well-worn Rihannsu literature and wooden bins of custom tea and coffee varieties. A little further back in the shop, a glass counter showcases no less than a hundred different types of chocolate confections, from the mundane to the extravagant. A row of clear glass containers sit atop the counter, also filled with sugary treats. This is one of those hidden gems that most visitors will pass by without a second glance; the sweets are heavenly and the coffee is ground and brewed as you wait. There hardly ever seems to be more than a few people in the shop at any given time. It is obvious that a place like this is about more than its wares. It is about relaxation and companionship, it is about unwinding from a long day and laughing with friends.

Los arrives from Promenade - Section B.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Pryus-Talbot is sat quietly in a corner away from the few customers that are in the coffee house. Her eyes are closed as she holds an oversized cup of coffee both hands, she looks a little pale but that was to be expected given the amount of alcohol she consumed.

Stretching and giving a faint yawn, Los wanders into the coffee shop, fatigue from a long haul in the operations department. He glances about slowly, noting Pryus before walking over and grabbing a coffee; extra sweetener and creamer. He then weaves through the shop and on over to the Lieutenant 'May I..' half forgetting the Betazoid doesn't speak that way, he finishes verbally "Join you?"

Pryus-Talbot opens her eyes and looks up at the monster of a Betazoid before her, "Be my guest, just don't lecture me on my own profession this time eh?" She answers with a sigh as she lifts her cup to her lips and sips the cold dark liquid.

A small, sly of a grin is given by the other Betazoid "I make no promises." He replies, seating himself opposite of her "You were distressed and I was just trying to help. I mean, you killed half a bottle of non-Snythethol liqour." He adds, taking a sip of the coffee "Only species I've known to do that are Terrans, specifically Irish and Scottish." He shrugs "Not Betazoids."

Pryus-Talbot looks up from her cup, "Did you ever meet my husband?" She asks rhetorically. Her eyes close for another moment and she sighs, "Sometimes a sedative doesn't always numb the hurt, I just wanted to forget for a while." She answers honestly.

There is a feeling of regret that comes from Los, followed by guilt. "A few times around the station. But once face to face." He says somberly, eyes glancing down to the coffee now "It was hours before, well you know." He sighs, glancing up again, shifting the subject "Holosuites work better. Even a good nature hike on Bajor can clear the mind when your so close to nature." He replies softly "Maybe even a trip back to Betazed." He notes as he drinks the coffee.

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head gently before taking another sip of her coffee, "I perform Yoga, it's not helped since ... everything and I've not been back to Betazed since I enlisted." She grunts slightly at the thought. "I've requested a return to the academy to regain my focus, I hope that some time away from the station might do me good."

Senka arrives from Promenade - Section B.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Taking another few sips of the coffee, Los listens to his colleague quietly "Well, Betazed can help you get refocused on your heritage and abilities. Something I would suggest doing as you can control your emotions better, plus talk telepathically." He notes with a gentle smile. He drinks the coffee lightly "What at the academy would you study?" He inquires

"Damn it, do you ever go away?" The Bolian appears to be in rare form today. "Since you were recently complaining about the coffee-making apparatus in my office and how it diverts me from coming here, I find your complaint lacking in both logic and truthfulness." The Bolian grunts and plops another mug down for cleaning. "I'll complain if I want to. I'll complain when you show up and complain when you don't. It's my right." Senka raises an eyebrow. "A curious interpretation of the Galactic Alliance Bill of Rights and Guarantees." "Isn't it just. Now what do you want?"

Pryus-Talbot looks up as Senka enters in a gentle nod, he'd probably want to talk about her request which was to be expected. Her eyes return to Roian, "I wanted to expand my expertise, cybernetics, biomechanics. That sort of thing, I'd prefer to take more of a path into research and development." She pauses to sip her coffee and screws up her nose, "I'm not sure how that would fit in with my current position."

"A Rom--" "Sure sure," The Bolian interrupts, "Klingon Rakh, right? Nope ... Terran coffee, dark. Not that ... Romulan latte! That's what you drink, isn't it?" Senka's tone of voice remains dispassionate, though telepaths would probably sense that underneath the surface of his logical and ticking mind, he's enjoying the Bolian's usual repartee. "You know well that it is." The Bolian looks apologetic, faking it to the hilt. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant. But you know how it is. When officers get their own coffee machines and stop coming in here except to get supplies, well ..." "Indeed," Senka says dryly. Finally, he collects his latte and crosses to a table. He nods to the two of you.

"Well, I could use a cybernetist now and then." Los notes with a smirk. His off colored blue eyes glance from Pryus to Senka "Ah, my favourite Vulcan doctor is here." He adds with a grin before drinking the coffee. Looking back to Pryus, he shrugs "Not sure."

Pryus-Talbot lowers her cup slight as she looks toward Senka, "Would you like to join us Senka?" She offers quietly but clear enough to hear over the barista's equipment. "I can imagine, no engineer by all means but focussing on further education will help me to rehabilitate myself in a controlled environment." She replies to the Betazoid.

Picking up his cup, Senka crosses to your table. "Lieutenant," a nod to Los. "Doctor," to Pryus-Talbot. he takes a third chair.

Lost nods "Well, understanding cybernetics and biomechanics can help those who have them. In turn, you can apply that knowledge towards therapy when with the patients." The former Marine and current Militia replies all smart like and intelligently. He smiles genuinely to Senka "Doctor! How are you?"

Pryus-Talbot nods again to Senka as he joins them before answering Roian, "Yes that is why I have requested those specific subject as I think it would be beneficial."

"I am well, Lieutenant Los." Turning to Pryus-Talbot, he adds, "I do not know when or if the captain will grant your request."

Los nods quietly to Pryus before glancing to Senka "Glad to hear that Doc."

Pryus-Talbot nods gently before sipping her coffee once more, "I know, I have no choice but to wait and see what he has to say. I have previously mentioned this and he said he would support it with a letter of commendation, I hope this will not be done as an act of guilt as if it owed me it." She answers honestly pausing as she finishes the last of her coffee and setting the empty mug down on the small table, her hands nest neatly in her lap as she appears to be a lot more sound of mine than the days she had spent sedated in the infirmary.

Senka says, "I cannot speak to the captain's motivation."

Pryus-Talbot nods again before collecting her cup and standing to weave past Senka toward the counter ordering another drink in return for the what was in her hand, this time the beverage was a Jestral tea. Her mind was already a blur from the caffeine and needed to remain calm in the aftermath of the days before. She stood at the counter calmly and serenely, her stoic exterior was no match for the self-doubt she radiated with her train of thought. With a nod to the Bolian and slipping him payment she returns to her seat.

The other Betazoid listens quietly to the two. He nurses his coffee in quietness until it's drained. Los seems content in letting silence take over the conversation.

"In any event," Senka goes on, "it will be unfortunate to see you depart, as the medical staff will be reduced."

Giving Pryus-Talbot a grin, Los says "That's Vulcan for he is going to miss you." He says in a soft chuckle.

Pryus-Talbot blows the steam for her tea as she holds it just in front of her lips, "I'm you'll be fine without me." She pauses in the awkward silce before finally adding, "I have named her Darril Asha in the official records, as I had reached half of my gestation and it would have been registered as a death." Her voice is calm and honest in light of what she had said, she had accepted it.

Senka nods, taking all this in.

"I would like access to her DNA profile so I may see how she would have progressed in resemblance to her father." Kailyn adds quietly looking into her tea.

The chuckle silences as Los eyes shift to the table quietly. As the request comes in, Los looks up. There is hesitation that can be sensed, as if he wanted to say something, but instead keeps quiet.

Senka considers that. "I will feed her genomic profile into the computer and extrapolate her most probable appearance. But that is a private matter to which we can attend when you are next in the infirmary." he has no desire to do this in front of anyone else no matter how well-meaning.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, sipping her tea before answering, "Thank you," her eyes shift to the betazoid beside her. She knew he had the best intentions, 'Please don't hold back on your thoughts, I'm sure it isn't something I've not thought of myself.' She communicates to him, her skills were unused for some time but it was like riding a proverbial bike.

Senka stands, setting aside his empty cup. "If the two of you will excuse me." Nodding politely, he heads for the door.

Pryus-Talbot nods to Senka.

"Have a good day, doc" Los replies kindly, giving him a smile. He looks back to Pryus "I just.. well. I would think the idea of seeing the age progression could cause you to be a little more depressed." He says lightly, giving her a weak smile "Of course.. I'm an engineer and operations guy, not a medical or psychologist." He says in an attempt at humour.

Senka stands, setting aside his empty cup. "If the two of you will excuse me." Nodding politely, he heads for the door.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka leaves for Promenade - Section B.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Pryus-Talbot sighs softly, "No, I would prefer to think of her happy with her father somewhere far away." She pauses to swallow softly, it hurt her to say it aloud causing her to press her lips together and close her eyes a moment following with another sigh. "I'm sorry."

"There is nothing to be sorry for, Kailyn. Loss of loved ones is never easy." Roian replies gently, giving her a half of a smile "As I said before, your colleagues and friends are here for you." He adds kindly.

Pryus-Talbot nods once not exactly believing in the part about friends, she knew the friend she had wanted far more than she was ready to offer especially now of all times. "Thank you, I know you mean well. But you need to trust that I know what I am doing."

"If I didn't trust you, I would've reported what happened yesterday to Major Ava." Los says gently, not attempting to hurt her in any way. He smiles softly as he picks up the emptied coffee mug "I should get going. I have a few places to be before I head on shift." He adds lightly.

Pryus-Talbot smiles faintly as she sips her tea, "I think I'm already top of Ava's hit list, I'm sure adding more to her list might get her to me a little quicker." She laughs softly knowing it was really true.

Giving her a warm smile, he nods "Probably." He says with a gentle chuckle "If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask." He adds before walking up to the counter and places the cup there. Nodding to Pryus once more, he smiles "Good day doctor."

Pryus-Talbot nods, "Good day Lieutenant."

The door leading to Out slides open.
Los leaves for Promenade - Section B.

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