Unusual Death in Dahkur Provence

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IC Date: Mon Mar 28 2405

DAHKUR PROVENCE, BAJOR - A young woman is dead yesterday morning and Bajoran authorities are left baffled. Xi Havaris of Dahkur Provence was found dead in her rural home. Medical reports state that Xi's death is being attributed to Equine Encephalitis Virus, though initial toxicology findings report Xi's blood contained heavy amounts of Telazol. Equine Encephalitis virus is known as a category of Zoonotic diseases and it is theorized that Xi's death could be related to accidental exposure.

Authorities have quarantined the Xi family farm. Thus far, none of the domestic animals on the Xi farm have shown signs of the virus or the drug. Dahkur Provence officials are urging the farming community to be careful of accidental exposure and to have their animals tested and teated.

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