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Vala (year)
Rank: Lieutenant JG)
Title: Medical Officer
Assignment: Deep Space 9
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)



Velat Vala and Jean Tryn were married on Betazed in 2353. Velat Vala was a Commander on the USS Commonwealth, and Jean was the head of security with the rank of Lt. Commander on the same ship. For the most part Velat and Jean served on the same vessel. Ten years after they were married, they had their only child on April 9, 2368 on the planet Ares IV, where their vessel had stopped off for repairs.

Genevive was a curious child, getting into anything and everything. She would explore areas, and as early as age 3, could be seen wandering around by herself. Because of their involvement in Starfleet her parents told her stories of the Borg war. Although they did not attack her home planet, she still had a sense of loyalty to Starfleet and to the Galaxy Alliance instilled into her. During he Borg war Genevive was sent to say with relatives on Ares IV.

During her early teenage years Genevive developed her telepathic abilities. She learned very quickly from her parents not to read people who did not wish it, honing and practising her skills. In rare circumstances when she reads someone by accident she keeps it to herself, since at the beginning she learned to be a bit too blunt and honest. In emergencies she will lend her skills where needed. Her abilities to her friends felt she understood them better, so at times she would sit for hours just listening to those who sought her advice or a shoulder to cry on.

Further during her teenage years the soft spoken Genevive watched her parents do their jobs, growing an interest in security before a disease gave her a new appreciation for medicine. The disease itself was called jeased, it isn't life threatening, and there were no long term effects, but she did socialize with the medical staff. The disease affected her ability to socialize and play with the other kids, as they were afraid to come visit her during her long stay in sickbay. It affected her long term relationship with other people. She learned very quickly who her real friends were, and that she needed to be more selective of whom she decided to call a friend.

Genevive studied hard applying herself while still having fun. She took up the sport of running and became quite excelled at it. Her favourite subject while in high school was physical education and health, which allowed to to learn more about various diseases as well as allowing her to play various sports, although running was her favourite, and she excelled at it, going on to track and field meets. Once during her running exercises she broke her leg and that depressed her because it meant several weeks of no running. So she put that effort towards her studies. Following graduation from High School Genevive decided to apply to Starfleet Academy in Medicine.

Service Record



  • Medical Equipment Certification
  • Medical Triage Certification
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