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Alden Vallar
Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF O-4.png
Lieutenant Commander
Title: Starfleet Officer (Executive Officer)
USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)
Status: Alive
Race: Betazoid
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2412, April 22 (Age 30)
Place of Birth: Betazed
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Parents: Keaxa Vallar (Mother)
Taatim Vallar (Father)
Siblings: Leaxi Vallar (Elder)
Rweesi Vallar (Younger)
Tiayi Vallar (Younger)
Kirra Vallar (Younger)
Spouse: Saisha Adrinon
Children: Isabella Keaxa Vallar (Daughter, Age 4)
OOC Information
Played By:

Lieutenant Commander Alden Vallar is a serving member of Starfleet, specializing in tactical operations and security, a natural born citizen of the Galaxy Alliance. Currently, and as of Stardate 118724.46 (Sep 22, 2441), he is serving aboard the USS ShiKahr, a Lirpa-class Light Cruiser. He is presently under the command of Commander Zye La'Vash, and presently serves as the vessel's Executive Officer.


Early Life

The Vallar family upon Betazed was a family of lesser nobility, often caught among the dynamic power struggles of the Great Houses. These power struggles, given the nature of the Betazoid people, were often political in nature and rarely violent. However, the Vallar family had aspirations, and quickly groomed their children to further those aspirations when possible.

His mother, Keaxa Vallar, and his father, Taatim Vallar, gave birth to Alden Vallar as second in a line of four, the only son, on stardate 89290.41 in the year 2412. His older sibling, Leaxi Vallar and the heir to the family titles and responsibilities, had much expected of her, and such was often thrust into the political affairs of the family. Being gifted telepaths, Alden's family could sense her emotional distress from the pressure of the things expected of her, and encourage Alden's younger siblings, Rweesi, Tiayi, and Kirra to assist her.

Alden, grew up having no particular knack for the political drives of his family. Being a male in a matriarchal society left Alden to be free to pursue his own personal interests and talents, as long as they did not bring discredit to the family. However, as Alden's telepathic and emphatic abilities did not began to mature in his late adolescent years, he spent a fair portion of his youth oblivious to the drives and intentions of those around him.

As he progressed through his studies through the primary education system, he found his interests scattered across a wide array of fields. Alden enjoyed working with his hands, and found an interest in solving puzzles. He did not move through his education at the top of his class, but scored slightly above average marks, and rarely earned the attention of his instructors.

As Alden developed through the years, free to pursue his own interests as his family's attentions were devoted to his several siblings, he found a fascination with nature. He would often disappear for days at a time as he hiked off into the country-side, exploring areas that he had never seen before. He found himself drawn more and more to the excitement of finding new terrain, new landscapes, and new flora and creatures.

However, Alden never truly knew what it meant to explore until one day, while aboard a transport ship with the family, he found himself plastered to a viewport as he observed the starfield streak by and reshape as the vessel relocated itself among the stars. He had always been aware of the idea of other planets, of the idea that worlds existed completely alien to his own, but it was not until he saw them with his own eyes that he knew, deep down, exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

This revelation was not lost on Alden's parents. Keaxa was a gifted telepath, although Taatim barely marked average among the Betazoid population. They instantly realized that their son, who they had admittedly neglected for many years, had suddenly found his calling.

They came to him soon after his seventeenth birthday, in the year 2429, with an offer. They knew his interest in space would lead him to gravitate toward Starfleet, and they did not want this for their son among the organizations history of war-torn strife in galactic conflicts, and the ever looming danger of yet another war breaking out. Instead, they offered to have him attend the University of Betazed when he came of age, majoring in the sciences, with the expectation that one day he could become a science officer on a private starship, avoiding the risk of being caught up in galactic conflict.

University of Betazed

The idea appealed to Alden, initially. However, after he enrolled for his first term, and sat through his first several courses, he realized the course of study that was to be expected of him was to be far beyond what he would be able to accomplish. He always achieved good marks in school, but these classes were demanding excellent marks. He always grasped concepts after long hours of study, but these courses moved at a pace that was quickly leaving him behind. After only his first term, his grades were slipping, and he began to rethink his career path.

Unaware of his parents intentions for him to avoid Starfleet, he began to do research into applying, and spoke with an Academy recruiter and advisor. After a fair bit of propaganda aimed at recruiting young and impressionable minds, Alden came to his parents with his completed Starfleet application, with the intention of getting their blessing before moving on.

He was awestruck by their strong distaste for Starfleet, and overwhelmed with confusion. It was after several long nights of calm debates, heated arguments, ultimatums, and finally joint research, that Alden's parents - sensing their child's determination - ultimately agreed to support him. Their son wanted to walk among the Stars, and once they saw his performance at the University, they realized that this was his best chance. Promising to make them proud, he submitted his application.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Alden's first year at Starfleet Academy turned his entire perception of the universe upside down. It was his first time spending any significant amount of time from his home planet, a world filled with empaths and telepaths. A world where honesty was not only expected, but the opposite was almost unheard of. A world where he indeed felt out of place.

It took him some time to get accustomed to the bombardment of emotions. During his plebe summer, he was overwhelmed not only with his personal stress of trying to succeed, but trying to shut out the overwhelming stress of all of his peers. However, mid-way through his first year as a midshipman, he had found his rhythm, and was able to devote his focus on the studies.

By the time his second year came around, he was to declare a major. Despite having come from a world of peace, Alden found the physical and mental challenges of personal combat to draw his interests and captivate his focus. As he spoke with the academic adviser, however, he discovered that his dream of piloting a ship would be more easily realized if he joined the Operations Division. Torn between his dreams of flying a ship, and playing to his academic strengths, Alden eventually elected to major in the Security Division, although any electives he took would be focused on Astrogation, Stellar Cartography, piloting, and acting as a Helms Officer.

The years blended together, and before Alden knew it, he found himself in his fourth and final years in the Academy, as a First Class Midshipman. Holding in his hand his PADD, which held his application to the Commandant of Cadets for a petition to permit him to serve his training cruise aboard a starship, and not the customary starbase. The opportunity to set foot upon other worlds on a regular basis, the hope that feeling the hum of a warp drive under his feet on a regular basis, drove him. He only could hope, however, that his petition would be approved.

Aboard the U.S.S. Agamemnon

Following his performance during his first three years at Starfleet Academy, Alden was assigned to the U.S.S. Agamemnon for his training cruise, under the supervision of Lieutenant Commander C. Reid (Chief of Security) and Lieutenant T. Sharis (Chief of Operations/Second Officer). During his training cruise he was involved in the diplomatic envoy to the Tzenkethi system, where he was among the first Galactic Alliance personnel in years to set foot upon the moon of Ab-Tzenketh.Log

He was further involved in the dramatic recapture of USS Qu' jev (NCC-88104), which had been previously stolen by unknown parties. A Letter of Commendation was awarded to him for his actions during the incident.

Following his training cruise, Midshipman First Class Alden Vallar was evaluated and promoted to the full-commissioned status of Ensign, having additionally earned the 'Distinguished Midshipman Medal'. He was then permanently assigned to the USS Agamemnon, continuing his commission aboard the vessel he had become familiar with during his training cruise.

He was dispatched with the USS Agamemnon to Starbase 123 to investigate an asteroid with an abnormal energy output, and an unusually high velocity (measuring it at approximately 50% impulse, or 1/8th the speed of light). Contact was made with the Asteroid A8567-K, which was in the Romulan/Federation Neutral Zone. After negotiations, the RMV Valdore (RMIN-38200) appeared and escorted the USS Agamemnon to the asteroid, where scientific surveys were conducted.

At one point, he was transported to the surface to install a drilling rig. After a malfunction in the communications unit enabling remote operation, he was transported back alone to the unstable and seismically active asteroid to re-enable the communications array. This made him the only person to be involved in a solo EVA upon the Asteroid, something for which he counts as a personal achievement.

Following the recovery of the sample capsule, the USS Cockleburr (Runabout utilized to recover the sample) was contaminated by radiation exposure. Vallar lead an away-mission (the first he was the field Officer-in-Charge for, though monitored by the bridge command directly) to the runabout to recover it after it was cleaned of radiation. However, it's recovery lead to an incident which resulted in the exposure of several crew members aboard the Agamemnon to potentially lethal doses of radiation, due to a miscalculation from the bridge crew with resulted in the saucer section being flooded with radiation, concentrated upon the bridge. Vallar was temporarily placed in command of the USS Agamemnon from the battle bridge, as all senior officers were exposed to radiation and in need of medical treatment. Fortunately, no crew personnel had been reported to have any long term effects from the incident, and command was quickly restored to senior officers.Log - Log

Using his scientific background from the University of Betazed, coupled with his Tactical training from Starfleet, Vallar offered valuable insight into the eventual destruction of the Asteroid, which was necessary to prevent the irradiation of a Romulan colony, afflicting its population with lethal doses of radiation. He was placed in command of the initial pre-drilling operation, which ultimately lead to the successful destruction of Asteroid A8567-K. Vallar later received the 'Joint Service Medal of Achievement' for his actions involving the Asteroid A8567-K.

After the USS Agamemnon returned to Deep Space Nine, the ship's crew was given Shore Leave. While on shore leave, Vallar was summoned by Captain Danek and Lieutenant Sharis to assist in apprehending the criminal Tovos, who had attacked someone aboard Deep Space Nine and was hiding on a Cardassian Freighter. This police action resulted him being injured when Tovos fired his disrupter several times at the boarding party attempting to apprehend him, striking Vallar once, before Tovos ultimately detonated a grenade in his hand, killing him and injuring every member of the Boarding Party. Vallar later received the 'Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry' for his actions.

URL Training

Shortly after, Vallar received notification of his temporary reassignment to Starfleet Academy for URL Training, reporting to Commander Tehc, aboard the USS Agamemnon. He attended lessons with Lieutenant La'Vash, Lieutenant Prudome, and Lieutenant Avell, along with other students. Both Lieutenant Prudome and Lieutenant Avell ultimately elected to withdraw from the training during it's early months. During this time, he spent significant amount of his time in a Holodeck Simulation of a Lecture Hall aboard the USS Agamemnon, and aboard the USS Corbett utilizing it as both a training ship, and for her state-of-the-art simulators.

As an assignment during training, Vallar was placed in joint command of the USS K'amaH (NCC-90655) with Lieutenant La'Vash. Vallar had a previous encounter with a vessel of this class, the USS Qu'jev (NCC-88104), while he was a Midshipman. The two were given a classified training mission. Due to the nature of the secrecy of the mission, they spent the vast majority of their time aboard the small “Pocket Bird of Prey” in communication silence, and cloaked. On the conclusion, the USS K'amaH was returned to the Starbase Tenazra, and Vallar reported back to the USS Corbett.

While finishing up the final months of his academic URL Training, Vallar as stationed aboard the USS Corbett when a wave of attacks from an unknown hostile party attacked and destroyed several civilian outposts. Given his presence aboard a ship staffed with training cadets in various stages of their training in starship operations, it was determined to be ill-advised for the USS Corbett to assist in operations at the time. Vallar was forced to stand aboard the bridge, monitoring comms as various stations signaled Mayday, and were later discovered destroyed. When the SBR Opaka Sulan (MTIN-5001B) towed the disabled ship SBR Serapis (MTIN-21165), which had been reported captured, Vallar was enlisted by the crew of the USS Beagle (NCC-91892) to assist in searching and securing the vessel.

Given the hostile state of the galactic environment, Commander Tehc ordered Lieutenant La'Vash and Vallar to Spacedock, where the USS Corbett was berthed. The two cadets spent the final month of their training in Starfleet Academy. Both Vallar and La'Vash graduated the training, receiving their URL Certifications.

Returned to the USS Agamemnon

Following his URL Certification, Vallar was reassigned to the USS Agamemnon under the command of Captain T. Danek. Due to Lieutenant Commander C. Reid standing in as Second Officer and Acting Chief of Operations, Vallar was appointed Deputy Chief Security Officer. Furthermore, he was assigned the full time position as Tactical Officer of the bridge of the USS Agamemnon. Almost immediately following reassignment, the USS Agamemnon underwent inspection by Rear Admiral Cei. It passed this inspection, later being awarded the Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon.

While on routine patrol of the Epsilon Ceti B system, the USS Agamemnon received a fleet-wide alert status from Deep Space Nine. Traveling at Maximum Warp, the ship arrived to reports of a Borg Nanite infestation of the Space Station, due to a Cryo Stasis Pod which had been transported over from the previous captured SBR Serapis. The infestation was eventually placed under control by the actions of Rear Admiral Kenneth R. ir-Adamson tr'Sahehn, during which the USS Agamemnon was engaged in pursuing the Borg Enhanced USS Oceanus, which was en-route to Earth. The USS Oceanus, however, eventually only found itself falling dormant in the Utopia Shipyards, as per Rear Admiral Adamson's orders to 'go dormant'.

The USS Agamemnon returned to operations as normal, when the crew complement was shaken up with the appointment of a new Chief of Starfleet Operations, which prompted a fleet-wide BUPERS adjustment of fleet personnel. Of note, Lieutenant Commander Reid was transferred from being the USS Agamemnon's Chief Security Officer to his own command, aboard the USS Zenith. This lead Lieutenant C. Connor being appointed as Chief Security Officer aboard the USS Agamemnon, becoming Vallar's new direct superior officer.

Shortly after, the USS Agamemnon encountered debris from a ship which attempted to transverse the Bajoran Gravimetric Anomaly (Also known as the "Wormhole"). Among the recovered debris was located a rapidly growing biological form. This form eventually lead to the birth of an infant, delivered by Doctor Saisha Adrinon.Log While he was not directly involved in the infant's birth, Deputy Chief of Security Vallar assigned a security post to the deck, to ensure it did not come to harm. A DNA inspection of the infant revealed to to be of Jem'Hadar biology.

The infant rapidly grew, and eventually began talking and reasoning on it's own. Several peaceful dialog were held between various crew members, and the rapidly developing individual. He eventually came to be known as "Eiran", as named by Doctor Saisha Adrinon.Log As Eiran rapidly grew, he became increasingly more hostile. On Vallar's next visit, the now sickly Eiran moved to attack him. This assault did not injure Vallar, but the exertion of effort caused Eiran to collapse into unconsciousness, where he was transported to sick bay. When he recovered shortly after, he immediately attacked Vallar once more, and was sedated.Log Shortly after, he was turned over to the Dominion, so that they could assist with his Medical needs. Log

Around this time, Vallar was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and appointed the ship's Chief Security Officer. Following the incident with Eiran, the USS Agamemnon was ordered back to Alliance to await the arrival of Rear Admiral Cei, Inspector General for Starfleet.

Following the crew of the USS Agamemnon being cleared of suspicion of misconduct or violations of Starfleet General Orders, Vallar and Adrinon left the vessel on accrued leave, lasting for two weeks. During this time, they visited Vallar's family and shared with them the news of the engagement, which had just occurred.

Shortly after returning to the USS Agamemnon from leave, the vessel was caught in a Temporal Time Loop. This occurred on Stardate 114056.5, January 21st 2437. The temporal loop distorted the vessel in time, and Vallar was one of the few crew members capable of recalling the events of each loop with clarity - the end of each loop resulting in Vallar experiencing the destruction of the USS Agamemnon, with all hands lost. The loops began to weigh heavily on the Tactical Officer's psyche, and by the final loop (which all hands recalled, being absent a reset in their memories), Vallar's sanity was in question by several crew members. He attributes the survival of the ship solely to the efforts of Lieutenant La'Vash, the vessel's Chief Engineering Officer. Although his background in Temporal Physics and his recollection of previous loops was a contributing factor, he refuses to accept responsibility for the ship's eventual survival - citing that his efforts resulted in the ship's repeated destruction. They were both awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for their efforts in the Temporal Anomaly. Log - Part 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

After their return to port, the USS Agamemnon was assigned to a mission at Kurat Nor, in Cardassian territory. The Mission was diplomatic in nature, and involved talks of treaties, trade deals, and other things of little importance. As an obscured, alternate objective for the mission, Vallar was tasked with locating and identifying the possible presence of Dominion forces on the station. This lead to several clues being discovered, but very little empirical evidence being collected. Following the negotiations, Vallar personally felt as if burned more bridges than he gathered intelligence for Starfleet.

Shattered lives

What followed was a series of uneventful patrols in Vallar's career. However, Deep Space Nine reported a Computer Malware Attack, resulting in all systems powering down. The USS Agamemnon made way to the Bajor system to offer support, including sensor sweeps in the event the vulnerability of the station was a precursor to an invasion. However, no such attack took place.

Following the attack, however, his personal life took a turn for the worse when Lieutenant Adrinon informed him that she wished to take a break from their relationship, and called off their engagement. This sent Vallar into a bout of depression where he placed his health in jeopardy by focusing an unhealthy amount of his work, often pulling back to back twenty-plus hour long shifts. Captain Danek advised the ship that they would be taking a venture into the Gamma Quadrant, and Vallar's bouts with insomnia and stimulants allowed him to have the Security Division ready for their heightened state of readiness is record time.

The USS Agamemnon then made her way into the Gamma Quadrant on a two-teired mission. On the official side of thing, the vessel was to transport supplies to the Gamma Quadrant colonies settled by Bajoran and Galactic Alliance citizens. The vessel was to utilize her superior size compared to the normal transports to offload supplies in fewer trips. Unofficially, given the recent negative outlook citizens have been having on Starfleet, the Vessel's patrol though the Gamma Quadrant was meant to send a message - the Galactic Alliance is still strong, with her head held up high.

While over Yanius Prime, the USS Agamemnon made an encounter with a Dominion Warp Fighter. Following a brief exchange of words, the Dominion Fighter rammed the U.S.S. Agamemnon's port warp nacelle, before self destructing. The resulting damage cut all system communication lines to the nacelle, prompting Captain Danek and Petty Officer 3rd Class D'Ahr to personally transport into the Warp Coil Access to inspect the damage. Captain Danek fell victim to a ruptured EPS conduit, causing critical injury to his person. Medical Assistance to deal with the injured, including the Captain, was requested, and the USS Proteus (NCC-74925) responded, transporting along Doctor Adrinon. On rendezvous, she transported over to personally tend to Captain Danek, who was subsequently evacuated to the USS Proteus (NCC-74925) given the USS Agamemnon's damage rendering her warp drive non-functional. The USS Agamemnon was towed to Ratosha Station by the USS Argo. Captain Danek's condition was listed as critical, and he was transferred to Trill for treatment, where the host, Teral, died immediately following the operation to transfer the symbiote Danek into a new host. This struck a second great loss to Vallar's close friends in a short amount of time. Vallar was awarded the Golden Starburst for bravery, courage, and leadership displayed during the encounter.

Prelude to War

Following the death of the ship's captain, the USS Agamemnon returned to patrol duties, under the command of Commander Kame-Tiik Alhe. After attending the funeral for Teral Kolt, Danek's former host, Vallar moved to rekindle his relationship with Adrinon.

Seeking to return things as close to normal as possible to aide in the crew's recovery from the tragedy that had struck, the ship continued to act under regular patrol duties for several months, with Commander Kame-Tiik Alhe acting as Commanding Officer and Lieutenant Zye La'Vash acting as Executive Officer. The ship ran smoothly under such command, until the USS Agamemnon was reassigned a new Commanding Officer by Starfleet.

Captain Samuel Jameson Riley, M.D., Ph.D. took command of the USS Agamemnon, and returned the command staff to what it was previously with Commander Kame-Tiik Alhe as Executive Officer and Lieutenant Zye La'Vash as Chief Operations Officer. This struck a chord with Vallar, for although he wasn't directly affected by the change in command structure, he believed the ship had been operating at peak efficiency and that there was no need to replace Kame-Tiik Alhe.

The ship returned to normal patrol duties with yet another new Commanding Officer, but the climate under which she sailed began to rapidly devolve. The Intergalactic News Wire began to report a number of remarkable changes in the political climate, to include the Tzenkethi joining the Dominion as a full member race. This lead to the Cardassian Union's trade agreements coming to a halt, which had a negative impact on the Union's financial situation, which in turn lead them to enter negotiations with the Bajoran Government. While all this was occurring, a number of Exchange Officers from the Bajoran Defense Force Navy were recalled to active duty Bajoran Vessels fleet wide. Furthermore, Vallar's personal friend Quienna Spiere was activated from her position within the reserves. Captain Kame-Tiik Alhe confided in Vallar that she was issued orders to be ready to be recalled at a moment's notice.

Noting the potential for conflict was on the horizon, Vallar and Adrinon eloped and got married without informing anyone, performing the necessary paperwork and documentation while the USS Agamemnon was docked at Deep Space Nine. While the initial plan was to tell no-one, a few of their closest friends found out through one fashion or another. Neither party elected to adopt the other's last name, after much debate, given the conflict between cultural traditions between the Betazoid and Terran norms.

With Galactic tensions rising, the Agamemnon remained on active patrol duties, though operating under heightened alert in systems near the Tzenkethi Border. It was during one of their regular patrol routes that they received a call from Drazel Station in the Bolarus system, advising that they were under attack by a vessel demanding they turn over their cargo. The USS Agamemnon arrived, under cloak, and engaged the CCV Agonia (CIC-90235) - a Chrysalian Vantha-class Heavy Cruiser. The battle was short lived, with the USS Agamemnon's superior firepower making quick work of the vessel. It eventually cloaked and fled, after taking heavy damage. Patrols in the area were increased, but the vessel was not sighted again. As a result of this conflict, Vallar was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon

The USS Agamemnon was shortly thereafter ordered to Starbase Tenazra, where the Inspector General, Rear Admiral Cei, later met them for their ship-wide inspection. Immediately upon her departure, the USS Agamemnon resumed patrol - where it was quickly dispatched by Vice Admiral Starr, Chief of Starfleet Intelligence, on a classified mission to attempt to locate a missing Starfleet Vessel, the USS Pegasus. The results of this mission are presently classified, however, as a result of this mission Vallar was awarded both the Starfleet Cross, and awarded the Chancellor's Unit Citation as a part of the crew of the USS Agamemnon Log.

With Deep Space Nine shortly there-after decommissioned and returned to Bajoran command, as Starbase Chandali, Starfleet initiated a personnel shuffle by instructing all personnel to complete a P-30C form, better known as their BuPers form. However, while waiting for them to be sorted, Vallar was presently surprised when Davies, Taxo, Adrinon, and Soleymaini were transferred TDY to the USS Agamemnon, pending the outcome of the BUPERS shuffle.

This joy was short lived, however, cut short when the USS Agamemnon and the USS Gowron (NCC-90603) were dispatched to the Gamma Quadrant on a rescue mission for the USS Beagle. On their arrival, they found the ship heavily damaged, and soon after exploded from a warp core breach. Detecting survivors on the planet surface, Vallar accompanied an away team to attempt their recovery. However, while transporting into the housing complex, it was determined to have been bombarded from orbit. With the approach of two Dominion Warp Fighters, the away team was recovered, prior to the Warp Fighters Bombarding the planet surface once more. With this, the USS Agamemnon and the USS Gowron fired on the Warp Fighters, destroying them. The additional bombardments both obliterated the housing complex, and started a fire which threatened an unknown amount of additional survivors and refugees. The USS Achilles, under the command of Vallar and helmed by Taxo, assisted in fighting the fires from encroaching on the cages while the USS Agamemnon and Davies developed a more permanent solution. After the fires were put out, another away team was assembled where over two hundred survivors were discovered in the cave system. Unfortunately, while attempting to locate and evacuate survivors, a Dominion Battlecruiser arrived. The USS Gowron engaged the vessel and destroyed her sensors, which caused the Battlecruiser to flee. Escalating the situation, before the entirety of the people could be recovered, thirty-nine Dominion Battlecruisers in fleet formation approached the planet. The USS Gowron and the USS Agamemnon were forced to flee, with only 204 collected survivors and refugees - accounting for over half of the total detected survivors. The Dominion Fleet then bombarded the world. The entire incident continues to weigh heavy on Vallar.

USS Equinox (NCC-73020)

Shortly after the incident on Yanius Prime, Starfleet initiated its personnel reshuffling and Vallar was assigned to the USS Equinox, serving under Lieutenant Commander La'Vash, along with Saisha Adrinon. Vallar was appointed the Chief Operations Officer, and the Chief Security Officer/Tactical Officer of the USS Equinox prior to her shakedown cruise. Their first assigned was part of the Seventh Defense Fleet, as part of Task Group 7.1. After departing Spacedock, the vessel made it's way to rendezvous with the fleet, coordinating with Commodore Riley for assignment. After making contact with the Admiral, the vessel was ordered to forego her shakedown process and begin a patrol route which placed her along the Galaxy Alliance / Tzenkethi, Chrysalian, and Breeax (recently 'Annexed' by the Dominion) Borders. While on this route, passing through Ferengal, the Dominion attacked.

The Dominion War (USS Equinox)

First reports came from Lieutenant Commander Taxo, aboard the USS Zenith that a large fleet consisting of over 44 Dominion Vessels were enroute for the Wormhole on the Gamma Quadrant side. Crossing through, the ships were then detected enroute for the Uldron Supply Depot station. The USS Zenith gave orders to the Dominion Fleet to turn about and leave Galaxy Alliance Space. They ignored the requests. The Twelfth Fleet, along with the USS Gowron, USS Zenith, and USS Equinox moved to engage the fleets, in the Trillus Prime system. There were massive casualties on both side, resulting in the loss of over 82 Dominion/Tzenkethi ships, the majority of the Twelfth Fleet, and nearly all hands on Tenzara Station. Following the conclusion of the conflict, a state of war was declared. Requiring repairs, the USS Gowron and the USS Equinox were ordered to Utopia Planitia Fleetyards for repairs. Following the repairs, the USS Equinox was upgraded across several systems including her shield and cloak.

Vallar was present for a number of conflicts during the war while stationed on the USS Equinox, including several skirmish and full on space conflicts. Of note are the conflicts on Ferenginar, where he was engaged in several ground conflicts, and the battle of Kobliad - where the USS Gowron was destroyed.

The Dominion War (USS Sojourner)

Shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Vallar and his fellow crew-mates were transferred to their new posting on the USS Sojourner, maintaining his roles as Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Security Officer/Tactical Officer. Vallar was unimpressed with the Tactical capabilities of the vessel, and made his opinion known. However, despite the outdated technology and sensors, the USS Sojourner did discover a hidden Dominion base of Operations in the Helaspont Nebula. On transporting down to Orellius IX, Vallar's away team discovered an under construction Dominion Base, although before any action could be taken, Vallar was briefly captured and then rescued a short while later by his wife, Saisha, and the remainder of the away team. During the Temecklia Incursion, the USS Sojourner found herself heavily outgunned, out armored, and unable to significantly damage enemy forces - forcing her crew to watch with helplessness as the Superior Dominion Numbers and vessels made short work of forces in the area. Furthermore, during the Fall of Trillius Prime and Battle of Tenazra, the USS Equinox was nearly disabled from a single weapons volley while cloaking.

The Dominion War (USS ShiKahr)

Shortly after the fall of Trillius Prime, the crew of the USS Sojourner was transferred to the USS ShiKahr. Commander La'Vash appointed Vallar as her Executive Officer, and the ship underwent an abbreviated Shakedown cruise. A strange lifeform, referred to as a ‘blob’, was discovered interfering with power systems - but the matter was quickly resolved without incident. The vessel quickly resumed normal operations, ultimately establishing a concealed relay point to increase their rapidly diminishing intelligence of the comings and goings within Dominion Space. After the establishment of the relay, the crew noted a significant amount of traffic going to and from the Helaspont Nebula, following the course leading toward Orellius IX. This heavy traffic consisted, primarily, of armored freighters with multiple battleships in escort. Commander La’Vash ordered the vessel to investigate, and it was determined that the freighter was carrying a hold full of ketracel white. This discovery was immediately classified, and the crew began to evaluate options to deal with the implications of a local facility which had the capacity to manufacture ketracel white.

The USS ShiKahr’s first combat engagement was with a pair of Dominion Battlecruisers. Even two against one, the advanced USS ShiKahr was able to keep both battleships from engaging the Mizar system, resulting in the destruction of the DMV Dal’Iran and the retreat of the undamaged DMV Ri'kam. Heavily damaged from the encounter, the USS ShiKahr returned to Utopia and Spacedock for repairs. While at Spacedock, Vallar accompanied Commander La’Vash in a classified briefing with multiple Admirals.

A scouting mission, where Vallar took command and piloted the USS jorwI’ (A K’mpak Pocket Bird of Prey) into the Nebula, soon followed, where the small ship encountered a Dominion Battlecruiser. As the mission objective remained an information gathering one, the USS jorwI’ skirted the edges of the system while the sensors collected as much data as possible, resulting in no exchange of fire between the two vessels.

Personal Relationships

Friendships (Alphabetical)

Carl Prudome

Alden initially considered Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Carl Prudome, M.D. of the USS Agamemnon as a professional acquaintance only. However, once he met Carl off duty and learned of his love for music, Alden began to see him in a more fond light. As the commanding officer of Saisha Adrinon, he found himself in Carl's department much more frequently as time grew on, though at this time he considers him simply a casual friend. When Carl was transferred to the USS Zenith (NCC-73030), Alden said farewell in a group gathering in ten forward with a heavy heart.

Chad Hartley Connor

Lieutenant Chad Hartley Connor was assigned to the USS Agamemnon while Vallar was still a Lieutenant Junior Grade, following the transfer of Lieutenant Commander Colin Angus Reid to the USS Zenith (NCC-73030). Connor was initially assigned as the vessel’s Chief Security Officer, being the senior ranking Security Officer, for a ‘trial’ period of six months. During this time, Lieutenant Connor avoided Vallar, despite him being his direct supervisor, and the two often found themselves clashing over who was to take command of the vessel’s Tactical functions. After Vallar was appointed Chief Security Officer, Connor continued to be reserved and quiet. Vallar has tried many times over the following years to help bring him out of his shell, finding him to be a capable officer who excelled at following explicit orders, to the detriment of showing initiative. Vallar hopes to one day help him out of this shell, and encourages him to take on larger assignments as his career progresses. A short time later, Connor was transferred to another assignment. Since then, Vallar has noted Connor has become more certain of himself.

Colin Angus Reid

Lieutenant Commander Colin Angus Reid was Alden's first superior officer as a Midshipman aboard the USS Agamemnon. As Colin was the Chief Security Officer, Alden reported directly to him. Colin oversaw a significant portion of Reid's training, and Alden respects him on a professional and personal level, having even stated that 'Were it not for [his] teachings, I would not be the security officer I am today'. He particularly wishes to someday be able to emulate Colin's relaxed personal attitude, fusing well with his professional demeanor, making him an easy-to-approach superior officer. When Colin was transferred to the USS Zenith (NCC-73030), Alden made it a point to extend the offer to transport him to his new assignment, saluting him a final farewell before he began his new assignment as the vessel's Commanding Officer.

As Colin is now stationed on Spacedock, the two rarely have a chance to interact.

Dors Trev

Trev was stationed as an Engineering Officer on Deep Space Nine, and involved in a relationship with Rosalyn Davies when the two first met. Their friendship naturally developed from the fact that both of their significant others were friends with each other, leading the four of them to have the occasional encounter as a group.

Since Trev has been stationed on the USS Gowron (NCC-90603), Alden has not seen him.

Iestyn Elis

A rare sight in the corridors of the USS Agamemnon, Counselor Elis’s first reaction to Alden was to threaten to have him relieved of duty during his rather uncooperative psychiatric evaluation. The two eventually grew accustomed enough to each other to develop a friendly interaction.

It was Counselor Elis that hosted the relationship counseling sessions between Saisha and Alden, that eventually lead to the repair of their relationship.

Kailyn Pryus-Talbot

Alden first heard about “Miss Talbot’ when Saisha was talking to him about potential caretakers for his child, Isabella, who was one at the time. Unfortunately, one of the first things he heard about her was that she had been dishonorably discharged from Starfleet, and had her medical license stripped from her. This did not sit well with Alden, even when Roian Los immediately spoke up in defense of Miss Talbot. Alden finally met her while the Agamemnon was in port, and slowly grew to judge her by her person and not her record.

With the Starfleet no longer being permitted at Deep Space Nine/Starbase Chandali, Alden no longer has any contact with Kailyn.

Kame-Tiik Alhe

When Alden was first assigned to the USS Agamemnon, Commander Kame-Tiik Alhe was the Executive Officer. He had very few interactions with her on a social level, until Alden saw his life around him falling apart. Alhe offered the Betazoid the arm of friendship, and the two would confide in each other with the various problems of their individual personal lives. These interactions mostly revolved around drinking tea, and opening up to each other with their concerns about life in general.

Now that Alhe has been placed in charge of the new Starbase Chandali and Bajor has rescinded their treaties with the Galaxy Alliance, Alden is only able to keep in contact with her via Subspace Communiques and letters.

Roian Los

Alden’s relationship with Roian is a strained one, filled with more drama than your average soap opera holodeck program. Roian was assigned to Deep Space Nine as the Chief Security Officer / Constable. Roian developed a fast friendship with Saisha, Alden’s Fiancée, and Alden extended the hand of friendship toward the man, even going so far as confiding in him his trust to keep Saisha safe should the station fall into danger. Soon after, Alden and Saisha’s relationship instantly deteriorated. Roian was subsequently involved in a relationship with Saisha, Alden’s former Fiancée. As things stand now, Alden has repeatedly offered the gesture of friendship toward Roian, but he remains wary of his affections and attachment toward Saisha, who Alden had then married. Roian’s attachments toward Saisha has caused her to push him away, and their friendship has since dissolved.

Rosalyn Davies

Rosalyn and Alden have an interesting friendship. Their first ‘meeting’ was over a viewscreen, while then Commander Davies, Commanding Officer of the USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890). Alden, while standing at Tactical, attempted to stealthily wave toward Thrin Sharis, his friend on the other vessel - something observed by the Commander. This was their first, and only meeting for several years.

After Saisha and Rosalyn were both assigned to Deep Space Nine, they developed a friendship. Alden too became friends with Dors Trev, Rosalyn’s boyfriend, and Rosalyn herself. Due to their assignments on different postings, the four rarely have an opportunity to gather together - but when they do, they like to make romantic gatherings out of it.

Alden respects Rosalyn’s professional career, looking up to her as an astounding Commanding Officer who found herself in command of a vessel in the short time span of under five years from her Academy Graduation.

Samuel James Riley

Alden’s initial interaction with Captain Riley was something of a hard pill for him to swallow. Not only had his Captain and mentor, Teral Danek, recently passed away, but Captain Riley’s posting striped Captain Kame-Tiik Alhe of her position as Commanding Officer, and Lieutenant Commander La’Vash’s position as Executive Officer. However, the personable Captain quickly did his best to win the crew over by sharing the late Teral Kolt’s alcohol collection with the crew, consisting of a variety of different types of Brandy from both Earth and Trill.

With neither any longer assigned to the USS Agamemnon, the two have not interacted in a non-professional manner since.

Teral Danek - Deceased

As his first commanding officer, Alden quickly grew to admire Captain Teral Danek. For his first several months aboard the USS Agamemnon with the Captain, he was apprehensive about meeting him and socializing him. Eventually, when Alden was transferred on Temporary Duty Assignment for URL Training, he became much more relaxed around the Captain, as he was no longer his commanding officer - this comfort continuing past when he was reassigned to his command. He secretly referred to him as “Captain Spots”, likely an influence by the Orion members of the crew calling him “Spottyboss”.

Teral was a heartfelt mentor to Alden, who taught him much; topics ranging from Command Presence, Tactical Insight, Political Nudging, and more. Alden always found interacting with Teral interesting, given the duality of consciousness as a result of him being a Joined Trill. His injury and resulting death while Vallar was at the Conn of the ship has sat heavy in Vallar's heart ever since.

Teral was pronounced deceased on Stardate 115868.64, after having his symbiote Danek removed. Alden witnessed the procedure, and later attended his memorial services.

Quienna Spiere

Alden was introduced to the Betazoid Petty Officer Quienna Spiere by his romantic partner,Saisha Adrinon. Quienna was visiting Carl aboard the USS Agamemnon, and Saisha was escorting her through the ship. Initially, Quienna was uncomfortable around Alden, due to her being telepathically inhibited, and her previous experience with other Betazoids in her past.Log However, as the two began to know each other, Quienna noticed that Alden did not judge her for her inhibition, and simply accepted her for who she was.

As Quienna and Alden became close friends, they began to open up to each other. While stationed about the SBR Opaka Sulan, Quienna began to suffer from an unknown condition in relation to her paracortex. During this ordeal, she sought Alden out to assist her in dealing with because of their friendship, and his status as one of the few Betazoids she trusted. Alden wasn't able to completely help her through her trials, but helped to lay a groundwork that allowed Quienna to eventually operate among open society once more.

Quienna was then assigned to her own Command, and Alden expressed his enthusiasm for how well she was doing for herself. The two would stay in touch via Viewscreen, rarely having time to see each other in port. However, at one point, Alden took a vacation with Saisha, and the two of them spend a couple of weeks aboard Quienna’s command while traveling around the Galaxy with her.

Alden attempts to stay in contact with Quienna as she performs her duties aboard the SBR Astraeus (MTIN-90031), resorting to the occasional viewscreen conversation and subspace written communiques. With the recent dissolvement of the Bajoran and Galaxy Alliance treaties, they do not have an opportunity to see each other in person. Quienna and Alden's wife, Saisha, remain close.

Zye La'Vash

The Selay Lieutenant (jg) Zye La'Vash was an interesting person for Alden to meet when he joined the crew of the USS Agamemnon. Alden enjoyed her professional attitude and exterior, despite him sensing a more fun loving and relaxed individual beneath her exterior. La'Vash (he always refers to her by her last name, having been told in private that she would prefer he avoid using her first name) once approached Alden alone and stated that she wished to view them as friends. After she was promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Engineer, Alden made vocal his deep respect for her engineering talents. The two bonded strongly on a professional level, despite being in vastly different departments, and after attending URL Training together, Alden views their friendship has having become even stronger. During the training, the two discovered that they continued to work well together, even separated from the Agamemnon they both came to love and miss dearly. He respects her desire for privacy, and aversion to social gatherings, but he invites her anyways because she knows that he does not mind her declining the invitations.

While the USS Agamemnon was caught in the Temporal Anomaly, Vallar credits Lieutenant La'Vash's efforts singularly for the eventual recovery of the vessel, although she does not personally recall a large portion of her efforts due to the multiple ‘resets’ she was subjected to.

La'Vash has continuously proven to Alden her leadership abilities and calmness under pressure. He looks to her as a friend, as a role model, and as a valued comrade. Because of this, when she was assigned as acting Executive Officer when Captain Danek passed away, Alden felt pride for her despite the circumstances of her assignment. A degree of disappointment arose when she was returned to her previous position, with the appointment of Captain Riley, which was soon replaced when she was once more appointed the Executive Officer following Kame-Tiik’s reassignment. This was simply a prelude, however, to La’Vash’s being appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Equinox, with Vallar serving under her.

Romantic Interests

Saisha Elizabeth Adrinon - Wife

Alden first met Lieutenant (jg) Saisha Adrinon, M.D. on Stardate 111860.36, when he (and several other members of the crew of the USS Agamemnon) utilized the USS Achilles (NCC-92150) to pick her up from Deep Space Nine following her assignment to the Agamemnon. Alden was immediately struck by her beauty, but remained professional. Over the next several weeks, he observed the doctor and surgeon fending off a number of romantic advances from members of the crew, watching with a sense of amusement at their reaction to her attractiveness. Finally, was when he was able to observe her working in sick-bay, that he sense a passion for helping others that brought a movement to his heart. Shortly after, he invited her on their first date.

For the next few weeks, their relationship began to slowly develop, in private. Alden made no attempts to hide the relationship, but did not go around publicly announcing it. However, word eventually got around the ship, and Saisha and Alden were seen as a couple.

Their relationship is an odd balance of cultural dynamics, but they have managed to make it work. Alden vows to do what he can for their relationship, without interfering with Saisha's career choices and goals. Alden does his best to keep Saisha from worrying for his safety, but given the hostile nature of his position within Starfleet, he is often forced to reassure her that things are going well.

Saisha introduced Alden to chocolate, much to the chagrin of his physique.

On Stardate 113848.56 (November 6th 2436), Saisha proposed to Alden. He said yes. Some time after, she announced to Alden that she was with child.

During the Temporal Anomaly, Alden and Saisha were the only two to fully recall the events from previous loops. While the reason behind this was never explained to Alden's satisfaction, the fact that someone he trusted could recall events so clearly as well acted as a center for his mental trials through the timeline, preventing him from losing his sanity.

During a diplomatic mission on Kurat Nor, Saisha was pregnant with child, and eventually gave birth to Isabella - their daughter.

Following the Kurat Nor mission, Saisha requested a transfer off the USS Agamemnon, and became stationed as one of the Chief Medical Officers on Deep Space Nine, causing Alden to spend the majority of his leisure time in port off ship and in the station.

Unfortunately, due to multiple strains in their relationship, Saisha elected to break off their engagement, and take a break from their relationship. Unfortunately, his telepathic Betazoid senses presented him with a rather vivid mental image, which hit Alden particularly hard, and he took some time to stabilize his mental health. He returned the engagement ring, before departing. This ended a nearly two year engagement, and an over three and a half year relationship.

Following a deeply emotionally trying time for the pair, on Stardate 116013.64, he asked her to be in a relationship with him once more, and she agreed. Not too long after, on Stardate 116163.7, the pair elected to elope, sensing Galactic Turmoil on the horizon. Neither party adopted the last name of the other.


Isabella - Daughter (4 years old)

Isabella Keaxa Vallar, born November 24th 2437, is Alden's only daughter. Isabella was brought into the world by Saisha Adrinon while aboard the USS Agamemnon by the hands of Doctor Kame. The ship was in port at Kurat Nor at the time. He deeply misses his daughter, who spent the majority of the first year of her life with her mother on Deep Space Nine. However, given the danger of living aboard a station positioned at the entrance to the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant - coupled with the possibility of a brewing war - Saisha and Alden elected to send her to his family on Betazed, where he's being raised by Alden's sisters and their families. As the Dominion War continues to result in Galaxy Alliance worlds falling to Dominion control, the safety of Betazed remains in question - so Saisha Adrinon has seen to it that Isabella now resides on Earth.

Kirra Vallar - Younger Sister (6 years junior)

Alden's youngest sister, Kirra Vallar, still lives on Betazed with her parents in the estate. When Alden first brought Saisha to meet his family, Kirra took an immediate dislike toward her. At the time, Kirra had little experience with 'Off Worlders' from outside of Betazed. This lead to her finding herself to be particularly abrasive to those non-telepathic persons she encountered, giving her the reputation of a bit of a Xenophobe.

With the birth of Isabella, Kirra took an immediate liking to the young infant. This lead her growing to slowly change her opinion of Saisha. However, she immediately returned to her original opinion when Saisha ended the engagement, claiming 'I always told you so'. She is slowly being convinced that Saisha is a good person once more.

When staying on Betazed, Kirra is Isabella's primary caretaker - having taken to treating the half-Betazoid child as if she were her own. She becomes quite heartbroken when Isabella leaves the estate to visit her parents.

Personal Interests

Roleplay Hooks

  • As a telepathic Betazoid, he sees nothing culturally invasive about passively reading the surface thoughts of those he is around. This has offended more than one person, to the confusion of the Betazoid, as this comes as naturally to him as listening. He does, however, not attempt to invasively probe a shielded mind, or dig for deeper thoughts.
  • Alden Vallar loves to travel, and is particularly fond of seeing new sights for himself. He is always willing to explore a new environment, be it ship, station, or celestial object.
  • For the scientists of the Galaxy, Alden has a passable background in Stellar Cartography. He dropped out of University prior to completing his degree, but has a working knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the subject, to include Physics and Astronomy. This has been augmented by later courses in Temporal Physics.
  • He is fond of hiking, and has no qualms about spending several days in the wilderness, trailblazing through unknown terrain.
  • His favorite drink is Uttaberry Juice, from Betazed. He has been known to drink Uttaberry Wine, on special occasions.
  • A vast majority of his free time is spent keeping himself physically and mentally in shape. He can often be found in the gym, a pool, or the Holodeck for training.
  • He loves to fly. During Starfleet Academy, he had initial dreams of becoming a pilot, but due to a personality conflict with the instructor - he was advised that he did not have the talent necessary to become a Starfleet Helmsmen, and instead focused his career path on Security. He has never lost interest in flying, and hopes to one day obtain a helmsman certification.
  • Alden collects weapons from different cultures. Despite being a Betazoid, and having been raised to be pacifistic, he finds the culture and history behind the weaponry particularly fascinating. He's displayed remarkable proficiency in weapons from a variety of cultures, despite only having recently undergone any degree of formal training.
  • Although the title did not exist on Betazed, or as a part of Betazoid culture, as he has learned about other cultures Vallar has become fond of the title 'Knight'. He hopes to, someday, earn an equivalent title of 'Knight', such as through the Legion of Honor, before his career in Starfleet ends.
  • After his experience with the 'Temporal Anomaly', Alden has begun to increase his background and knowledge in the field of Temporal Physics. He is presently exploring the option of obtaining a degree via remote education in the field.
  • Alden enjoys programing holodeck programs in his spare time. Being a Betazoid, he finds holographic 'characters' unnatural, as they can not be sensed. For that reason, he rarely includes 'characters' in his programs, focusing instead on scenery. A number of people have personally complemented him on his programs.

Worlds Visited

Vallar keeps a record of all the celestial bodies he has set foot upon and seen with his own eyes. To date, the list is as such: Betazed, Earth, Ab-Tzenketh (Natural Satellite), Bajor, A8567-K (Asteroid), Risa, Pacifica, Angel One, Yanius Prime, Trill, Kredaria II, Ferasa, Qo'noS, Ferenginar, and Orellius IX.

Life Events

  • 2412, Apr 22 - Birth (Stardate: 89308.06)
  • 2429, Aug 01 - Enrolled in University of Betazed (Major: Stellar Cartography) (Stardate: 106582.88)
  • 2430, Feb 21 - Dropped out of University of Betazed (Stardate: 107141.78)
  • 2430, Jul 01 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy (Stardate: 107497.95)
  • 2434, Sep 09 - Graduated Starfleet Academy (Stardate: 111689.5)
  • 2434, Nov 11 - First met Lieutenant (jg) Saisha Adrinon, M.D. (Stardate: 111860.36)
  • 2434, Nov 11 - First Date with Lieutenant (jg) Saisha Adrinon, M.D. (Stardate: 112108.46)
  • 2436, Nov 06 - Proposed to by Lieutenant Saisha Adrinon, M.D. (Stardate: 113848.56)
  • 2437, Nov 24 - Birth of daughter, Isabella Keaxa Vallar (Stardate: 114898.74)
  • 2438, Aug 18 - Fearing for her safety on Deep Space 9, Isabella Vallar is sent of to Betazed to be with Vallar's family. (Stardate: 115689.34)
  • 2438, Sep 15 - Doctor Saisha Adrinon breaks off their engagement, to date another man, after nearly two years engaged. (Stardate: 115706.85)
  • 2438, Nov 13 - Witnesses the passing of his Captain, Teral (Stardate: 115868.64)
  • 2439, Jan 05 - Resumed relationship with Lieutenant Saisha Adrinon, M.D. (Stardate: 116013.64)
  • 2439, Mar 01 - Married to Lieutenant Saisha Adrinon, M.D., after eloping (Stardate: 116163.7)

Military Docket

Service Record

Certifications and Citations

  • Letter of Commendation (3)

  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Weapons Certification

Awards and Decorations

Starfleet-cross.png Legion-of-merit.png Fleet-and-marine-corps-medal.png Nebula-star-2x.png
Golden-starburst-2x.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-3x.png Purple-heart-3x.png Meritorious-service-medal-2x.png
Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Combat-action-ribbon-13x.png 100px
Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon-2x.png Good-conduct-medal.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png Distinguished-midshipman-medal.png
Row 1 Starfleet Cross Legion of Merit Fleet and Marine Corps Medal Nebula Star (x2)
Row 2 Golden Starburst (x2) Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x3) Purple Heart (x3) Meritorious Service Medal (x2)
Row 3 Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement Combat Action Ribbon (x13) Chancellor's Unit Citation (x2)
Row 4 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (x2) Good Conduct Medal Border Patrol Service Ribbon Distinguished Midshipman Medal

Medical Records

(Restricted access under Patient Privacy Laws)

  • Y-M1.png : 2434, Mar 19 - Initial Physical Evaluation by Lieutenant Prudome, M.D.. Vitamin deficiency noted and treated. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 111213.84)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png : 2434, Dec 03 - Pre-exposure Radiation Treatment of potassium iodide administered by Lieutenant (jg) Adrinon, M.D.. Inoculated, but did not participate on away mission. No known Radiation exposure. (Stardate: 111923.37)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png : 2435, Jan 08 - Medical clearance by Lieutenant (jg) Adrinon, M.D. for post-away mission evaluation. No abnormal radiation levels detected. Elevated stress levels noted. (Stardate: 112021.92)
  • 2410 SF O-2.png : 2435, Mar 22 - Medical clearance by Lieutenant (jg) Adrinon, M.D. for post-away mission evaluation. No abnormal radiation levels detected. (Stardate: 112220.49)
  • 2410 SF O-2.png : 2435, Jun 07 - Physical evaluation by Lieutenant (jg) Adrinon, M.D.. Within regulation standard. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 112431.01)
  • 2410 SF O-3.png : 2437, Jun 01 - Physical evaluation by Lieutenant Adrinon, M.D.. Within regulation standard. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 114416.91)
  • 2410 SF O-3.png : 2438, Oct 06 - Physical evaluation by Commander Kame-Tiik, M.D.. Signs of malnutrition and vitamin deficiency noted, potentially incurred by overuse of stimulants. Treated. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 115765.09)
  • 2410 SF O-3.png : 2439, Oct 08 - Physical evaluation by Lieutenant Adrinon, M.D.. Slight vitamin deficiency, will be corrected via diet. No supplements necessary at this time. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 116768.76)
  • 2410 SF O-3.png : 2440, Feb 18 - Physical evaluation by Lieutenant Adrinon, M.D.. Within regulation standard. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 117132.85)
  • 2410 SF O-4.png : 2441, Apr 06 - Physical evaluation by Lieutenant Commander Adrinon, M.D.. Within regulation standard. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 118262.45)
  • 2410 SF O-4.png : 2441, Sep 28 - Physical evaluation by Lieutenant Commander Adrinon, M.D.. Within regulation standard. Cleared for full active duty. (Stardate: 118741.98)

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