Valo petitions Bajor for colony status

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Date: Sun Jan 1 12:39:50 2012 PST
IC Date: Sat Sep 10 20:59:00 2411
Stardate: 88693.6

KENDRA, BAJOR -- Valo, which was granted independence from the Cardassian Union, has petitioned Bajor's Council of Ministers for a return to colony status.

Originally founded as a camp for refugees fleeing Bajor, Valo remained unincorporated for decades. When the Cardassians left the Galaxy Alliance the Valo colonies fell under their jurisdiction. However, the vast majority of inhabitants are still Bajorans. "We have always been a Bajoran colony," one representative said. "It only makes since for us to enjoy the political, military, and economic benefits of other Bajorans."

Valo, which currently has a trade and defense agreement with Bajor, is situated just inside Cardassian space. Issues of space will be important as there is currently no way to enter Valo space without passing through space that belongs to the Cardassian Union.

The Bajoran Minister of State suspects the Council of Ministers to approve the Valo request, however, he cautioned that an "intentional dialogue" with the Cardassians was necessary.

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