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Vannor Brieth

Rank Lieutenant
Title Chief Security Officer, Deep Space 9
Race Bajoran
Gender Female
Affiliation Bajoran Militia

Vannor Brieth was born on Bajor in 2394, the middle of three children. Vannor's parents held generally stable jobs, her father managing a shop and her mother as a hairstylist, which, while not glamorous, allowed their children a comfortable home life and prospects. They weren't particularly pressured to follow in either parent's footsteps, and the three of them planned to branch out on their own.

Vannor was the mold-breaker of the three of them, and their biggest common interest where eventual career was concerned was space. Her siblings were both generally softer-spoken, inheriting their parents' slighter build and features. Her sister, four years Vannor's senior, had an aptitude for diplomacy ; her brother, two years younger, was at heart an engineer. Vannor, a protective sort from the beginning, was much more the physical type, which her blocky build was perfect for. If any of them were to get into a scrap, it would be Vannor--she didn't look for them, but she wouldn't back down. The argumentative streak, though toned down, remains; her strong opinions, especially about Bajoran freedom and interest after Bajor seceded from the Alliance, lent themselves to loud, escalating debates.

She didn't grasp the implications of Bajor's secession from the Alliance when it happened; eleven years old at the time, the protests and riots were abstract and, apart from her parent's views on them, affected her very little. As she grew up she agreed wholeheartedly with the decision in hindsight; not a radical by any means, and willing to follow her government in whatever it decided, Vannor still believed that Bajor was better off outside of the Alliance's government.

She remained on Bajor and enrolled in the Defense Force Academy in 2412 at the age of eighteen. Her emphasis was on security, and she exceled most at hand-to-hand combat, also showing a workable ability to strategise in combat. Graduating in 2416, she plans to go into the militia.

Vannor is a very hands-on, straightforward person, and while she will make every effort, the diplomat's skill with words and negotiations doesn't come easy to her. It's far easier to say things how she finds them or not say anything at all. She doesn't intentionally make herself difficult to get along with, and finds people who are willing to stand up for minority views infinitely likeable even if they disagree with her.

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