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Nevus Vaore
Rank: Sublieutenant, Bajoran Defense Force Navy
Title: Security Officer,
USS Pathfinder
Race: Bajoran-Terran
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Navy)
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Children: None

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Original Biography

Nevus Qie Vaore was born June 12, 2405 to a young Bajoran mother, Surmak Tarel. Tests would later reveal anomalies in his DNA attributed with a genetically-engineered conception between a Bajoran egg and human DNA. The tests would also prove that the woman who he had known as his mother was not genetically related him at all, but was in fact a surrogate who had been paid to carry the egg and raise the child as her own. She was able to hide this fact from the child for all of his underage life.

His mother never dated other people and had no interest in having more children. She always told Nevus that he was more than she could ever handle and that she knew he would grow up and become she would be very proud of someday.

Nevus was an inquisitive child, smart as he was sharp. Although his mother and he lived alone on a meager income, money for a quality education never seemed to be an issue. In grade school his favorite subjects were health and physical education. His mother was sure that some day he would become a doctor. Nevus was sure he would grow up to become a famous spring ball player. He did well at math and science, but never showed much of an interest in those academic areas. He had an aptitude for leadership and was often considered the leader of the cool kids on the playground. He got in his share of trouble, but never anything too serious.

He went through secondary education with ease. He dated several people throughout his school career but none really seemed to stick with him for long. He got bored of his dates after usually a few weeks, although some lasted a bit longer.

Nevus made the decision early to not go to a university and study medicine like his mother had always hoped. This disappointed her a bit, but she was still supportive. He was interested in become a merchant and some day owning his own freighter. However, it would take time to save up that kind of money.

When he turned of age, it was revealed to him that he was the owner of a very sizable trust fund left to him by a woman claiming to be his birth mother. Although she did not reveal her identity in the process, the fund was of significant size that he would not have to work in his lifetime if he did not want. The woman's lawyers suggested that he take some of the money and and study at a university and become an educated socialite. Nevus didn't feel like that world was his, and he especially did not like feeling like there was someone out there who didn't care enough about him for 18 years and now wanted to shape who he was meant to be. He was bitter and harbored a resentment.

In response to the trust fund and the sudden appearance of lawyers, he fled toward military service. He enlisted in the Bajoran Navy at the first opportunity. He's trained to become a security guard and has also managed to pick up paramedic training in the five months of training after his enlistment.

He's maintained only minimal contact with his mother on Bajor and is still working through his feelings about her and the entire situation about not knowing his 'real' parents.

Ammended Biographical Notes

Service Record

  • BDFN-E-1.png 2423- Enlisted with the Bajoran Defense Force Navy, rank: Seaman Recruit (E-1)
  • BDFN-E-1.png 2423- Assigned to Deep Space 9 as Security Officer
  • BDFN-E-1.png 2424- Receives The Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for saving a few lives in a science lab explosion
  • BDFN-E-2.png 2424- Promoted to Ordinary Seaman (E-2)
  • BDFN-E-3.png 2428- Promoted to Able Seaman (E-3)
  • BDFN-E-3.png 2428- Transferred into Personnel Exchange Program, assigned to USS Laibok.
  • BDFN-E-4.png 2428- Promoted to Leading Seaman (E-4)
  • BDFN-E-4.png 2429- Accepted into Bajoran Navy's Officer Candidacy Training Program.
  • BDFN-E-4.png 2429- Given provisional rank of Midshipman by his commanding officer.
  • BDFN-O-1.png 2431- Graduated OCTP and given the brevet rank of Ensign.
  • BDFN-O-2.png 2432- Promoted to Sublieutenant and transferred to Ratosha Station as BDFN's Chief of Security for Gamma Quadrant.
  • BDFN-O-2.png 2433- Transferred to USS Pathfinder under the Personnel Exchange Program.
  • BDFN-O-2.png 2435- Transferred to Deep Space 9 following destruction of USS Pathfinder.
  • BDFN-O-2.png 2435- Received Unit Commendation Medallion for Pathfinder's mission to Teplan Prime.


  • 08. The Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
  • 19. The Unit Commendation Medallion


RP Hooks and OOC Information

  • His medical scans always come up with anomalous readings, owing to unexplained alterations in his DNA.
  • He's trying to find his real parents to answer a lot of questions he has.
  • He's got money and he hates it. Money is the root of all evil.
  • He's perhaps the nicest security officer you'll ever meet.
  • He spends a lot of off-duty time in the gym or Morn's.
  • Once dated a Dabo girl on DS9.
  • Once dated the bartender on USS Laibok.
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