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Joaquin Luis Vaquero
Rank: Commodore
Title: Bounty Hunter
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Independent (Rikon Defense Force)


He was born in an alternate universe, one that travelled much faster than ours. Growing up under the alias "Luis Cypher", Joaquin Luis Vaquero was a natural rascal of the stars, flying around in the modified frieghter Macross and building up his reputation as a man of action and romance. He built up a security firm, using his knowledge and experience with the criminal element, having been a part of it for a long time. He married himself into a Klingon House (House of meq'Qeth, where he was the next in line to inherit). After getting a longterm contract with the Risan port, and forming the Risan Defense Force, he contracted out his services under the same name and the RDF flourished... until one fateful day.

The Breen were his sworn enemy, having planted a spy aboard his beloved Macross. While he slept under the care of his trusted crew, the spy detonated the warp core through a series of cascade failures. The Macross exploded, seemingly killing everyone on board.

He didn't know how much timed had passed or where he was. Waking up in the middle of Qo'noS' capital city, he noticed that the Macross, his wife, his friends, and the Federation was gone. This Galaxy Alliance seemed to be in control, and the year was far before the one he recalled existed in. Perhaps the core eplosion punched a hole in time and space and delivered him, in his tattered clothing and no proof of his otherly existance to this point in space within this universe. Using only his ingenuity and will, he had to start from the beginning again.

Time to get to work.

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