Vedek Erona appointed to Deep Space 9

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IC Date: Tue Jul 5 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) -- In a statement released by the Office of the Kai this evening, Vedek Erona has been appointed to serve as the presiding Vedek on space station Deep Space 9. At the same time, Erona has been authorized by Lishan Noryl, Kai and First Minister of Bajor, to serve as a representative of the Bajoran government in trade negotiations.

Erona has served in the Bajoran religious order for twelve years, beginning his work as a Prylar in 2393. In 2403, Erona was elevated from Ranjen to Vedek by vote, and he was elected to membership in the Vedek Assembly as well.

In the past, the Vedek Assembly has appointed a prylar to serve the temple on Deep Space 9. When asked to provide a reason for appointing a higher-ranking member of the religious order, the Office of the Kai cited the increasing number of Bajorans returning to the sector and particularly to Deep Space 9 justifies the appointment of a Vedek.

INW attempted to reach Vedek Erona for an interview, but he was unable to be reached. Kai Lishan's office indicated the Vedek was spending several days touring with members of the Bajoran Defense Force before assuming his new appointment.

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