Vedeks & Military in charge of Bajor

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Date: Tue Dec 18 13:15:25 2012 PST
IC Date: Fri Jun 23 00:32:30 2417
Stardate: 94474.83

BAJOR (INW) -- The office of His Eminence, Kai Lishan Noryl has issued a press release today regarding his recent hospitalization and the current status of leadership in the Democratic Republic of Bajor:

"We would like to thank all of those Bajora who have been keeping His
Eminence in your thoughts and prayers. We ask the public and galactic
community to respect the Kai's privacy during these difficult times.
While the Kai is very ill, he is expected to have a full recovery and
is receiving the best medical treatment in Bajor. The prophets have 
blessed the Kai with exceptionally fine  medical  staff treating  his

It is unknown, however, how long the Kai will remain in his  critical
condition. Presently the Chief of the Defense Force   and  the  Vedek
Assembly shall be handling all of the matters of State  for  the  Kai 
while he is hospitalized. 

All of our thoughts and prayers are with the Kai and we it is our hope
the Prophets will grant him a speedy recovery."

Additionally, it would seem that the Vedek Assembly has been boosting their numbers since the tragic deaths of many of the members of the Vedek Assembly 8 months ago.

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