Vulcan Romulan Fencing: Point, Set, and Match (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
28 Jan 2014

"Please, just Taev," the Romulan replies to the Starfleet Captain, not harshly. "A man of my age is well beyond having earned the pleasantry of being addressed as Sir. I leave that to those who are earning it." He moves back over to the counter, though he continues to pay attention to the conversation. To the barista, he points at an item on the menu on the counter. "A double, please." Returning his full attention back to the Vulcan, he shakes his head. "Dhat," he answers the one word in Rihannsu, which clearly means 'No.' "I reside on Betazed. I'll be returning to the estate. I've been gone for too long as it is."

Astor-Cross turns to the man, "You reside on Betazed? Where at?"

Senka raises an eyebrow, appearing to consider that.

"Not far from Lake Cataria," Taev answers. "It's the family estate. If you should find yourself in the area, you should come by and visit. It is a beautiful place."

Senka simply observes the conversation between Astor-Cross and Taev. Naturally, no hint of what he's thinking is evident in his posture, manner, or expression. Even the eyebrow is lowered.

Astor-Cross thinks for a minute, "It has been over 30 years since I've been to Betazed. How far is that from the Lake El-Nar area?"

Taev says, "Quite a distance, I believe." He takes his drink from the barista and passes a card over the tip jar. "Cataria is in the southern region. I believe El-Nar is more Northern?"

"Six thousand seven hundred thirty-two point two seven kilometers, precisely," Senka murmurs.

Astor-Cross laughs and rolls her eyes, "Leave it to you my friend to figure out the distance." She turns to Taev, "Then I probably will not be in that area this time when I return."

Taev looks delightfully surprised, "That is a fascinating talent, Doctor." To Astor, he nods in understanding. "We have a landing pad. I would be absolutely delighted to send a shuttle for you. No pressure, however. It's mearly an open invitation."

"I am acquainted with the geography of Betazed," Senka offers.

Astor-Cross nods and says, "Maybe the next time I return home I will see about coming to that area. Maybe my brothers will join me."

"We would love to host your family for an extended weekend," Taev replies with a nod. He fully expects her to never take him up on the offer and he's okay with that. They're all just being courteous, afterall. "How is everything on the station here? I keep hearing stories about scary events."

"A curious question," Senka steps in. "Logically, answering it depends on several factors. For instance, what stories have you heard?"

"Explosions, phaser-fire," Taev replies, listing the events he's recently read about from IGB. "Not that you can trust everything they say on the news, I know."

Astor-Cross sits back, holding her coffee cup in her hands and listens. She nods and states, "No, you can't believe everything you read."

"Indeed," Senka appears to agree with Astor-Cross. "As both a strategically positioned trading post and military installation, Deep Space 9 is likely to garner all manner of rumor and innuendo concerning its happenings. The Ferengi have an expression for such eventualities. I believe the addage is, hear all, trust nothing." He raises an eyebrow

"Still, in my experience even the most outlandish reports have some basis in truth," Taev says, digging a bit for information before he takes a sip of his hot drink.

Astor-Cross nods, "That is true."

"Perhaps," Senka murmurs thoughtfully. "Though it would further the discussion were I to know precisely which news stories you had been reading. I could then make a better determination of the accuracy of your media consumption."

Taev starts to find Senka's precision and insistance a bit irksome and it does affect him in a way that makes him a little more readable. He recovers quickly, however, and smiles in reply. "Off the top of my head? You're asking a lot. It's been a week or so since the story. Was it an explosion in one of the promenade sectors?"

"Curious," Senka says thoughtfully, "I do not recall a public news story concerning an explosion in the promenade."

"I'm quite certain there were several breaking news bulletins," Taev replies tensely. "I keep my eye on DS9 news because of this store."

"A most logical means of monnitoring the store, one among several you doubtless employ," Senka fences back. "The coffee shop, I can assure you, is, and has remained, in most excellent repair."

Astor-Cross sips her coffee and says, "I do believe there were a few mentions of something in the news."

"I assume the culprit has been caught, given the resources of Starfleet and the Bajoran Defense Force?" Taev inquires.

"That," Senka replies smoothly, "would be a better question to pose to Starfleet security or the station commander. I am merely a doctor with no perspective in such matters."

Astor-Cross looks at her PADD and reads a message. She places it back in her pocket.

"Fair point," Taev says in rebuttal. He pauses a second before excusing himself, "Well, then. I suppose I should leave the two of you to your coffee."

"Your presence is not a disturbance," Senka replies.

Astor-Cross shakes her head, "You are not disturbing us at all."

Taev smiles, his dark-brown eyes moving between the man and woman, almost accusingly. "I'm sure that's the case, but I did just pop in to check on the shop and grab a drink before leaving. I should be going."

"Only if you deem it necessary," Senka replies. "Speaking personally, you are welcome at any time to speak with me when I am here. Perhaps I shall bring my 3d chess set, as you disprefer kal-toh. I believe you would find chess a most diverting game. There are several Vulcan variations to the Terran game."

"Perhaps on my next visit, Doctor," Taev promises before he holds up the drink in a bit of a toast. "Bedah, my friends."

"Live long, and prosper, Taev Tr'Sahehn," Senka says, speaking Rihannsu and offering the Vulcan salute.

Astor-Cross quirks a brow slightly and then nods, "Farewell Sir."

Taev nods once to each of you and then departs.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Taev leaves for Promenade - Section B.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

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