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Here is a selection of our current IC events. All news stories can be found here.



  • Nov 22 - Stardate 78891.01: The Alliance High Council announces steep cuts in aid to its smallest worlds due to a record breaking deficit. Protests break out across the Alliance.


  • Oct 5 - Stardate 79761.64: INW reports on the upcoming elections in regards to campaign funding and the lack of incumbant Chancellor Trent L'vralus' name has yet to appear on the rolls of the National Recorder's Office.
  • Sep 28 - Stardate 79740.56: The Beerax Sector has its third terrorist act in the past year when Station Alcatraz suffers explosions. Anti-Alliance and anti-Starfleet riots intensify in the capital city of Beeraxi.


  • June 18 - Stardate 80460.49: The Governor of Beerax IX resigns after being unable to quell the protests taking over his world. In a surprise announcement, Yunil Irishavi is appointed as the new Governor instead of the sitting Lieutenant Governor.
  • Jul 15 - Stardate 80535.04: The Colony of Beerax IX introduces a secession bill with the Alliance High Council, the first step to legally breaking away from the Alliance.


  • Feb 14 - Stardate 81122.6: The Galaxy Alliance Senate Committee for the Interior begins debating the Beeraxi Secession Bill.
  • May 16 - Chancellor L'vralus halts elections throughout the Alliance as the smallest worlds complain they simply cannot afford them. The Senate responds by halting all business in the lower chamber, effectively halting government for weeks.
  • Jun 9 - A deal is reached in the Senate to allow business to continue. The Senate Committee for the Interior immediately restarts debate on Beeraxi Secession; the vote to promote the bill to the Senate floor fails 8 to 11.
  • Jun 9 - The Bajoran Parliament calls for a Vote of No Confidence in their First Minister, who resigns. Special elections are called on Bajor.
  • Jul 7 - Galaxy Alliance Chancellor L'vralus resigns unexpectedly, citing frustration with a corrupt and ineffective government. The Vice-Chancellor takes his place and immediately calls for elections to occur.


  • Oct 16 - Elections are set for December 20th. Hundreds are in the running, including Minister of Defense cho'Sheq and Galaxy Alliance Senator M'rus of Ferasa.


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