Watching Paint Dry (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
23 Feb 2014
Starfleet Shuttlebay [Deep Space 9]
The wide, expansive Starfleet Shuttlebay on Deep Space Nine is segmented into various langing areas and bright yellow markings on the floor provide guidance for personnel to land and orient vessels.
An alert siren wails to alert personnel on deck that the bay doors are open.

Cross is in the Starfleet shuttlebay, watching new paint stripes being laid down on the half the shuttlebay that used to house the fighter squadron. Since the fighters were removed from the station recently, the space is being adjusted to hold more shuttles.

Entering the shuttle bay Emily looks about, noting the painting occurring. Spotting the Captain she makes her way over, hands clasped behind her back, "Brings a new meaning to the phrase watching paint dry, Sir?" She smiles as she speaks but her tone is rather respectful given his rank.

Cross glances over to the crewman and smirks a bit, "Indeed it does." Pause. "A bit boring, but strangely relaxing."

"A new past time to relax frayed nerves," Her brow raises, and she allows a wry grin to form.

"The project will be completed in a few days," Captain Cross replies, meaning that it's hardly a past time if it won't be around for long. "Were you looking for me?" he asks.

"I was,"Emily responds with a nod," I had a question for you, can I interrupt your paint watching?"

"Please do," Cross replies as he turns to give the crewman his full attention.

Emily smiles, "Before I joined Starfleet I had opened a Spa aboard DS9. I am aware I can no longer run it, especially with my duties but I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me, in my off time, to still offer my services there."

Cross inclines his head as he listens to the question and then nods, "Yes, it's fine so long as it doesn't interfere with your duties on the station. I don't see a problem."

Emily breathes a sigh of relief, her shoulders relaxing, "Thank you Sir. I don't see it doing so. In fact, I was going to ask if you were aware that Captains receive free massages and steam time."

Cross smirks, "That's a nice offer, but I think it would be inappropriate fraternization and could raise some questions."

Emily blushes a deep shade of crimson, "No! I..I.. didn't mean by me. I can guarantee you I've never thought of getting my hands on... especially not... you naked. I mean.." She shakes her head, "Not that you naked is a bad thing." Emily stops talking, "There are other people..that's all I mean. Although I can guarantee you that you should try the steam room.."

Cross chuckles, "I didn't mean to insinuate anything, I would worry about what Admiral Starr would think /could/ have happened. I will stop in and think about the steam room. I have to admit it sounds nice."

"It is, and it's empty quite a lot of the time. You can even wear your uniform if you're uncomfortable wearing less." Emily uncrosses her hands from behind her back and instead latches them together up front, "And, at the same time, I would be worried if anyone thought that anything other than a relaxing massage happened on my table. Don't miss out because of fear of rumors."

Cross nods once. "I'll consider it."

Emily nods, sensing the conversation coming to a close, "I'm glad. I hope to see you. You can bring your wife as well."

Cross says, "Thank you, Ms. Williams. Have a good day."

"Thank you Sir," She responds in kind, "I'll leave you to your paint."

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