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IC Date: Sat Feb 7 2404

Wedding Announcement - Commander Kainon Essa and Viscountess Sasha Catriani

The marriage of Commander Kainon Essa and Viscountess Sasha Catriani took place on DS9, in a perfect replica of the Bajoran Jalandra Shrine, wreathed with scarlet flowers, on the 1st February 2404.

The bride wore a stunning floor length gown of scarlet satin, the bodice of which was decorated with exquisite lace and embroidered detailing, showing her respect for her husband's faith by also wearing an exquisitely crafted Bajoran earring, which hung from her right ear. The outfit was designed specifically for her by a top new designer working for Janet Laurels, who also designed the tuxedo that was worn by young R'ull, her ward. The groom looked very handsome in full Starfleet dress uniform, delineated by a single red rose.

Although her parents were there, Catriani was given away by her young Caitian ward, R'ull, the best man was Captain Starr, Commanding Officer of the Defiant, and the proceedings were led by his wife, Commodore Walters-Starr who is Commanding Officer of DS9.

Viscountess Catriani has elected to take her new husband's name and will, henceforth be formally known as Viscountess Catriani-Kainon, although for the sake of simplicity will use the moniker Cat-Kainon. The couple are said to be very happy, and are now planning for the future.

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