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Roleplay Log
24 Apr 2014

A Bajoran male dressed in a Seaman Recruit's uniform approaches Kainon. He bears a small antigrav pad with something bulky on it. Stopping in front of the Bajoran captain, the young man salutes smartly in the style of the Bajoran navy and says crisply, "Beg your pardon, Sir, but are you Captain Kainon of Excalibur, Sir,"

Kainon begins to say something else to Carey when his attention is pulled. "Excuse me, Ensign." He looks upon the young Bajoran and nods. "As you were, Recruit. I am Captain Kainon. What can I do for you?"

Carey eyes the man's burden and steps smoothly out of the way.

"Sir," The recruit lowers his hand and reports. "DS9 Cheif medical officer's compliments, Sir! I'm instructed to deliver these items," a gesture to the pad which contains a case of lightly jostling bottles, each filled with a lovely green liquid, "and Sir," the recruit adds. "I am instructed," and he switches to bajoran, "to deliver the doctors compliments in plain Bajoran, Sir, and the doctor asks that you accept these items and he will be honored to share one of these bottles with the captain at the captain's convenience, Sir." Senka appears on the promenade about 30 feet away, watching the exchange impassively. Telepaths would sense his amusement.

Emily leans against the wall watching, a grin on her face.

"They are either paying doctors better in Starfleet or someone got some better connections." Kainon was wondering where the Bajoran was going with all this, but gets it now. With a grin, he reaches for a bottle and lifts it a bit. "Thank you, Recruit. See that those are sent to Excalibur. I'll thank the doctor, personally." The Captain looks over to Carey and smiles a bit, "You work for a good man, Ensign." He feels the eyes upon him from all angles and turns to see Senka. He raises the bottle and chuckles slightly, "A smartass, but a good man all the same. How the hell are ya, Senka?"

Carey grins back at Kainon. "Yes, sir. I know I do." She spots Emily and heads in her direction, still grinning.

Offering Kainon an oldstyle Bajoran naval officer's salute, Senka approaches. "Upper docking pylon C," he instructs the recruit, who heads off, bottles in tow. "I am quite well, Captain Kainon." He pauses before Kainon. His expression remains impassive and his manner, reserved. Though telepaths would sense that he counts Kainon a close friend and is most pleased to see him again after that mission. "Congratulations on your extrication from Valo. It was a most instructive presentation to witness, Sir. Incidentally," he adds, "Those came from Beerax, as you indicated a most excellent source there. I obtained them on leave.""

Emily grins and offers a wave to Carey, "Hello lovely. Aren't going to stay to see if Kainon will share his whiskey?"

Kainon shakes his head when Senka congratulates. "I have an excellent crew, that's how we made it out. I can't take credit for something when all I did was point and talk." He looks in Williams' direction. "And it would seem that the Apprentice may have found her niche on board. She did exceptionally well while we made it out. Would make any captain proud." He nods to Dihon, next, "And our new Lieutenant, also. Ops isn't the easiest post during a fight."

Emily looks over and does a small curtsey with her dress, "Thank you Captain."

Carey grins at Emily, mouthing, "Good job." Aloud she says. "I have something better than whiskey that I made especially for you. Want to come have it now?"

Dihon blushes a little, "Thank you, Captain. We try hard."

Senka nods to Kainon. "Nonetheless, Sir, the leadership of an unorthodox and highly effective commanding officer cannot be discounted. I am certain your crew would agree." He flicks an impassive glance over the Excalibur crew standing there as though to say, "you damned well better agree, folks." To Kainon, "I am available to open that," pointing to the bottle, 'at your discretion and convenience, Captain."

Dihon nods in agreement with Senka.

Emily looks around, "I think that could work,"She says to Carey, "I believe the men have a date."

Carey laughs and links arms with her friend. Emily would sense that she's positively glowing with a happy serenity that was markedly absent from her the night before. "Come on."

Emily smiles, "I will follow where you lead." She says with a nod to Carey.

Carey leaves for Promenade - Section C.

Emily offers a wave to the men

Williams leaves for Promenade - Section C.

Dihon gives a polite nod to both officers, "Sirs." And he too heads off.

Dihon leaves for Promenade - Section C.

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