What Do You Know About It? (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
30 July 2014
Station Security [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to the security area is simple but effective. Around a small bend is the passage to the brig section. Through a small corridor then a secured door is the local armor for security personnel.

Reid nods to Vrillak, "Thank you for coming so quickly."

Vrillak arches an eyebrow. "You're welcome."

Starfall glances up from his PADD to Reid. "Take Mister Vrillak's statement then."

Tavrok looks up from his PADD and asks, "Who owns the store in which the vagrant was squatting?"

Vrillak shrugs politely at the Vulcan. He doesn't know the answer and assumes the question was meant for someone else. He smiles charmingly at Reid. "It's all quite simple, gentlemen. I came out of my clothier's shop in section A and came across this rather burned-looking fellow, raving about hasparat and rambling about the promenade. He disappeared into Morn's and came back out again still raving for hasparat. So I alerted medical and went to get him some hasparat. When I came back, he'd lost interest in a meal, smashed the plate of food on the deck and collapsed in short order. Medical took him away and," an elegant shrug, "there you have it."

Reid asks Vrillak, "Had you seen the man before that, or was this the first time?"

"It's been empty for over a year." Lucas answers Tavrok.

Vrillak shrugs. "I certainly don't recall seeing any burned Cardassian Bajoran fusions before, Midshipman.">

Reid nods at Vrillak, "I would imagine not, but surely with your shop on the promenade you may have seen him prior to the days events?"

Tavrok lowers his PADD, fixes his gaze on and addresses Mr. Vrillak, "Have you considered the possibility that you might have seen him before the burning? I believe that is what Mr. Reid was asking."

Vrillak smiles. "My dear Midshipman, when I'm not in my shop wrapping up scanes of Ktabban silk, I'm out trading. So I fear there's no guarantee I'd have seen the poor fellow at all. I'm sure that's reasoning even your Vulcan comrade here would ascent to." He smiles at the Vulcan. "Ensign ... Tavrok, I believe. I see so many people. If I had seen him before, I'm sure he'd just have been a face in the crowd, and we do get so many visitors of varying extractions here. You can see the difficulty, I'm sure.

Reid continues, "One of the incident reports suggest that the deceased stopped and looked at you and recognized you. It strikes me as odd that someone you say you have never seen before he stops himself mid-rage to look at you. A man has lost his life here, you don't seem to be taking the situation very seriously."

Vrillak shrugs and gazes back at the midshipman amiably enough. "My dear Mr. Reid, I can't be held responsible for something written in a report I didn't write," he says lightly. "The man grabbed me and demanded hasparatt. He also grabbed Emily Williams and perhaps someone else. I'm not sure that confers recognition."

"It's also on the security feeds." Starfall adds, looking over the top of his PADD.

Reid raises an eyebrow, "Care to modify your recounting Vrillak? You say one thing, and yet the evidence says something else."

Vrillak looks at the midshipman. "Young man," he says kindly, "My account stands. I was merely a bystander, and that is quite all any evidence is going to show."

Lowering his PADD completely Tavrok interrupts the exchange, "If I may be so bold, we are here to ask questions to further our current understand. Let us assign guilt at the appropriate time. This is, of course, the proper reasoning we need to operate with; unless you have charges with which Mr. Vrillak is to be charged? Or perhaps new evidence you'd like him to weight in on. If neither, then we should collect our statements and move out to the scene."

Reid asks Starfall, "Do you have any further questions for Vrillak, sir?"

Starfall glances between Vrillak and Reid. "Not at the minute, you can carry on."

Vrillak smiles at the Vulcan ensign. "The most logical thing I've heard since I came in here. I thank you." He looks at Reid, "If you really have nothing further, I'll just be getting along now."

Reid looks to Vrillak, "One last question if I may? What do you know about Cardassian power relays?"

Vrillak shrugs, smiling. "Probably less than you do. I'm a tailor, not an engineer."

"And I'm the Pope." Lucas replies with a smirk.

Looking back at Mr. Vrillak, "Being an engineer is not a requirement to know how to operate a specific species power relay. Your time on this station may have offered you an opportunity to learn more about this particular relay since the entire the entire station was constructed by the Carddassian's. So, while it may be counter to your current profession in nature; do you have any knowledge of Cardassian power relays?"

Vrillak chuckles. 'I never thought I'd get to say this to a Vulcan, but your logic as well as your grasp of history appear to be flawed. This station was built by Starfleet following the destruction of some other base you once had here. I don't recall which. The rest of your statement is conjecture, speculative, and not at all based in any sort of compeling logic. Unless you're reasoning that because I'm a Cardassian, I must know about Cardassian power relays, which is a premise so weak even the Vulcan children I know wouldn't trot it out." He smiles warmly at the Vulcan.

Reid looks to Vrillak, "Well, I have nothing further at this time. But we may have some follow up questions for you... Ensign Starfall, unless you have anything else for Vrillak at this time?"

Starfall shakes his head.

"Then I will bid you good day, gentlemen." With a curteous bow, Vrillak leaves.

Reid says to Vrillak, "Thank you for your time."

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