Worst Impressions of the Third Kind (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
19 Feb 2014

Williams arrives from Hudson & Rose Jewelers Storefront.

Los walks quietly from Promenade section A, heading in to section b.

Emily heads out of Hudson & Rose with a shake of her head. Sensing someone nearby she looks towards Los, a brief flash of understanding moves deftly across her features, "Lieutenant.." She says with a nod as he draws near.

The Betazoid, nods to Emily, giving her a warm smile 'Recruit' He says telepathically, giving a little grin.

Emily raises her brow, "Didn't your mother ever teach you to use your words?" She replies wordlessly to him.

The Betazoid glances at Emily, quirking a brow "Actually, not really. She believed in telepathic communication over verbal talking" He says a loud before adding "How are you recruit?"

Emily relaxes at the verbal communication, "I'm not dying, drunk or depressed so I'd say that I'm having a good day so far."

Los nods a little "Well, I take it that is a good thing, then?" He asks as he allows his mind to be receptive to all thoughts around him

"If you've ever been any of those three then you would agree,"A wry smirk creases her lips as she looks him over, her mind is closed and you can sense she's not comfortable with people in her head.

Los nods just slightly "Ah." He says gently, hands clasping behind his back and begins to head towards the Hudson & Rose "Good day, Recruit."

"And to you too," For a moment you can sense she really doesn't like you, although the reason why is not entirely obvious.

The Lieutenant stops and swivels just slightly to watch Wiliams. "Recruit, a moment." He says before walking casually towards her "It's.. Emily Williams, correct?" He inquries "My next question is a personal one. Have I done something to offend you or wrong you?" He asks, sensing the dislikement.

Emily pulls up a smile, although a forced one, "Yes to the first question and yes to the second question and 'n'o to us having this conversation."

The Lieutenant nods just slightly "Right, Mrs Williams. Perhaps we can speak about it privately somewhere?" He asks lightly. You can sense talking in public is not something he likes doing, unless it's telepathically. "If possible, I would like to reconcile our difference."

"As if one little recruit loathing you is even a blip on your daily radar,"Emily's arms move behind her and she tilts her head, ,"Accept that I don't like you and that, despite the fact we'll be in Engineering together, I'm not ever going to like you. It'll make your life easier."

There is furrow of a brow "Actually, yes most recurits are blips on my daily radar. Especially those that I will be working closely with in the engineering. I rather know we can mutually trust one another during a crisis, Mrs. Williams." Los says with a slight smile "Besides that, you barely know who I am, and I you. Obviousily your dislikement of me comes from a third party and not personal experience. Once more, I do hope to reconcile this issue one day."

"Don't bet on that reconcillation. As for us working together, "A cocky shrug comes off one of her shoulders, "I'm pretty amazing and I can separate work from the personal."

You can sense disappointment from the Betazoid as he shakes his head "That, I hope you can do, recruit. Good day." He says lightly, shifting and continues to walk back towards the shop.

Emily pulls a smile, "And a good day to you, Lieutenant." She offers a semi-friendly nod as he departs, "And no, my dislike of you doesn't only come from a third party perspective." She says telepathically as she heads away from him.

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