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Irvine R. Xanathos, Sr.
Rank: Vice Admiral 2410 SF O-9.png
Title: Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Command)
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Status: Widowed
Children: Azera Xanathos (daughter, born 2409)
Torin Xanathos (son, born 2410)
Irvine Xanathos, Jr. (son, born 2410)

Irvine Robert Xanathos, Sr. is the Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations. He currently resides on Spacedock (Starfleet HQ).

He has had a hard life and is a three-time widower. With his third wife, Vice Admiral Moriah Seryl, he has three children, Azera, Torin and Irvine Jr. He is currently in a chaste relationship with Rear Admiral Cei, Inspector General of Starfleet.



Irvine Robert Xanathos is just another face in the crowd. Of no real importance, his father Robert Kebannod Xanathos never amounted to much. The highlight of his career was being a bar tender at Terok Nor. His mother Quistis Erytin Htimsoey Xanathos was forever, if a bit oddly, satisfied in simply taking care of their small apartment and their only child, Irvine. Now having a devoted mother is all well and good, unfortunately it doesn't make one the most popular person around. It was the echoes of taunting voices chanting "Momma's boy" that sent a teary eyed Irvine running into the bowels of the station.

Jeffries tubes can be a wonderful place to get away from it all, if you discount the possibility of running into the people that are actually meant to be there. It was around the fifth or sixth time of running to hide that his little haven was run across by one Ithelily Aiynaz. At the point of a hastily drawn phaser is hardly the best place to make a good first impression, but for once things actually turned out for the best. Two faceless people in the crowd find the slight light of happiness to brighten their faces and make them a beacon in the void for each other.

Many happy days were spent in those tubes which for a time echoed with the odd sound of laughter. Days stretched into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. The two shared and grew together, Ithelily taught Irvine about engineering and Irvine taught her about friendship. Unfortunately it was not to last, Irvine eventually started to feel a bit more than friendship for her. He was just coming of age and she was by far the most important person in his life. Then it happened that she announced her engagement. A smiling face and words of congratulations covered the shattering of his world. When he left the jeffries tube that day he never came back. The then recruiting Meridian Enterprises provided the perfect route for his escape.

'Twas an epiphany in his life, a new view of the way of things that would forever color his world a somber black, The old Irvine died, sending cold through him that chilled him to the bone. Gone was the mischievous smile and ringing chimes of wholehearted laughter. His face fell into the frown that it would carry forever after. His laugh replaced with now all too familiar phrases of an avid pessimist. Machines would become his focus, his meaning, his life. For a machine can only work, or not, they cannot lie and thus cannot betray. It is as such that one man more comfortable with machines than life takes his first step into space. What does a galaxy of possibilities hold for this hardened heart? What will the next day bring? One can only watch and wait as the tapestry of time weaves its way to infinity.


Date Type Rank Details
Jan 7, 2341 Personal Born Terok Nor as Irvine Douglas Zennabond
2358 Personal Ran away from home and took back the family name of Xanathos
2359 Civilian Joined Obsidius assigned to Security
2359 Personal Married torgh'Iw
2360 Civilian Destruction of CCV Obsidius
2360 Civilian Announced that Crewman Xanathos died in the loss of the CCV Obsidius
2360 Personal Unknown Terran found in coma and put in care on Station 415
2361 Personal Unknown Terran found to be Xanathos as he awakens
2361 Personal Released from care of Station 415
2362 Civilian Joined Dragon Storm Enterprises, assigned to Engineering
2362 Personal Reunited with torgh'Iw
2364 Civilian Destruction of the CCV Dragonstorm
2364 Personal Announced that partner torgh'Iw died in the loss of the CCV Dragonstorm
2365 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-1 SVC.png Enlists in Starfleet Merchant & Supply Service
2366 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-2 SVC.png Assigned USS Lost Avatar as Apprentice Crewman
2366 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-3 SVC.png Promoted to Crewman
2368 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-4 SVC.png Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
2368 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-4 SVC.png Destruction of USS Lost Avatar
2369 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-4 SVC.png Posted to USS Variable as Engineer
2369 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-5 SVC.png Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
2370 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-6 SVC.png Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
2371 Personal Destruction of Terok Nor, loss of whole family
2374 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-7 SVC.png Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
2375 Personal Death of Uncle Amadaus George Xanathos and family in shuttle accident
2375 Personal Discovers that he is the last living member of the Xanathos line
2376 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-8 SVC.png Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer
2377 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-8 SVC.png Assigned as Chief Engineer, USS Variable
2378 Starfleet MSS SFMSS E-9 SVC.png Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer
2380 Starfleet MSS SFMSS W-2 SVC.png Received Warrant became Warrant Officer
2381 Starfleet MSS SFMSS W-2 SVC.png Destruction of USS Variable
2382 Starfleet MSS SFMSS W-3 SVC.png Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer
2382 Starfleet MSS SFMSS W-3 SVC.png Posted to USS Stephen Hopkins as Chief Engineer
2384 Starfleet MSS SFMSS W-3 SVC.png Temporary assignment as XO aboard USS Stephen Hopkins
2384 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 SVC.png Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2384 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 SVC.png Starts Command Training
2384 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 SVC.png Destruction of USS Stephen Hopkins
2385 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png Finished Command Training
2385 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png Assigned to CO of USS Virginia Dare
2386 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png Commissioning of USS Virginia Dare delayed, after bombing of Qo'noS
2387 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png USS Virginia Dare ordered to stand down
2387 Starfleet Y-o3.png Transferred from MSS to Starfleet
2387 Starfleet Y-o3.png Assigned USS Thunderchild as Chief Engineer
2387 Starfleet Y-o4.png Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
2387 Starfleet R-o4.png Temporary assignment as XO aboard USS Thunderchild
2388 Starfleet R-o4.png Permanent assignment as XO aboard USS Thunderchild
2389 Starfleet R-o4.png Capture of USS Thunderchild, ordered to report for duty at Spacedock
2389 Starfleet R-o4.png Posted as XO aboard USS Indomidable
2390 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png Transferred from Starfleet to MSS
2390 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png Returned to MSS rank of Lieutenant (O-3)
2390 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-3 CMD.png Assigned as CO of USS Virginia Dare
2390 Starfleet MSS SFMSS O-4 CMD.png Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
Nov 27, 2391 Personal Marriage to Kayla Lathrop, recorded by Alpha Centauri registry
2392 Starfleet R-o4.png MSS dissolved, acting members rolled into SF Logistics
2393 Starfleet R-o5.png Promoted to Commander (O-5)
2395 Starfleet R-o5.png Assigned USS Quasar as XO
2396 Starfleet R-o5.png Transfered to USS Sutherland as SO
2396 Starfleet R-o5.png Made XO of USS Sutherland
2396 Starfleet R-o5.png Assigned to USS Indefatigable as XO
2396 Starfleet R-o5.png Received orders to report to DS9
2396 Starfleet R-o5.png Assigned to USS T'Kuht as CO
2397 Starfleet R-o5.png Assigned to USS Grace Hopper as CO
2399 Starfleet R-o6.png Promotion to Captain (O-6)
2401 Starfleet R-o6.png Transferred from SF Logistics to Border Patrol
2401 Starfleet R-o6.png Assigned to USS Indomitable as CO
2401 Starfleet R-o6.png USS Indomitable turned over to Starfleet Corps of Engineering for refit and repair
2401 Starfleet R-o6.png Assigned to PCU Excalibur as CO
2402 Starfleet R-o6.png USS Excalibur commissioned
2402 Starfleet R-o7.png Promoted to Commodore
2403 Starfleet Y-a1.png Promoted to Branch Admiral (O-7)
2403 Starfleet Y-a1.png Appointed as Chief of Starfleet Logistics
2403 Starfleet Y-a1.png Assumed USS Sheila Palmer as Flagship
2404 Starfleet R-a1.png Appointed as Chief of Starbase Operations
May 26, 2405 Personal Disappearance of Vice Admiral Kayla Lathrop-Xanathos
Jul 28, 2407 Personal Kayla Lathrop-Xanathos declared legally dead
Aug 07, 2407 Personal Funeral services held for Kayla Lathrop-Xanathos at Alpha Centauri
2408 Starfleet R-a2.png Promoted to Rear Admiral (O-8)
Feb 14, 2409 Personal Marriage to Moriah Seryl, recorded aboard the USS Sheila Palmer
Aug 23, 2409 Personal Birth of Azera Xanathos. Paris Earth.
Sep 06, 2410 Personal Birth of Torin, and Irvine Robert Xanathos Jr. London Earth.
2417 Starfleet 2410 SF O-9 SVC.png Promoted to Vice Admiral (O-9)
2417 Starfleet 2410 SF O-9 SVC.png Appointed as Chief of Starfleet Security
2430 Personal Death of his third wife, Moriah Seryl
2436 Starfleet 2410 SF O-9.png Appointed as Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations


Defense-superior-service-medal.png Space-medal.png Logistic-medal-of-valor-3x.png Logistic-distinguished-service-medal.png
Command-service-medal-5x.png Logistic-war-zone-service-bar-10x.png Logistic-combat-action-ribbon-9x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png
Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png Installation-service-ribbon.png Logistic-service-ribbon.png Career-service-award.png
Borg-war-ribbon.png Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom-war-ribbon.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon.png
Row 1 Defense Superior Service Medal Space Medal Logistic Medal of Valor Logistic Distinguished Service Medal
Row 2 Command Service Medal (x5) Logistic War Zone Service Bar (x10) Logistic Combat Action Ribbon (x9) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon
Row 3 Border Patrol Service Ribbon Installation Service Ribbon Logistic Service Ribbon Career Service Award
Row 4 Borg War Ribbon Breen War Ribbon Freedom War Ribbon Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon
Row 5 Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon
(obsolete award)


  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (****)
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