Yanius Prime

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Yanius Prime
Region: Gamma Quadrant
System: Yanius
Galactic coordinates: 12710542197.0 1183637.0 -24.0
Suns: None
Moons: None
Primary Terrain: Wooded and Lush
Planet Type: M-Class
Planet Size: Average
Points of Interest:
Native Species: Terran
Official Language: English
Approximate Population: 60
Major Cities: none
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance

Yanius Prime is a planet in the Gamma Quadrant where a long lost group of Terrans crash landed on the planet sometime in the middle of the 22nd century Earth time.




The Occupation

The Borg War

Galaxy Alliance


Present Day

First contact was made with the inhabitants of Yanius Prime by USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890) during a search for a viable colony location within the Gamma Quadrant for the Galaxy Alliance.

Planetary Data

Composition and Structure

Native Species


The native people are descendants of those that crash landed a few centuries before. They have a strong fear of meteor strikes embedded in their society. Approximately 50 years after the original crash, a meteor struck the planet sending up a plume of ash and debris that nearly wiped out the settlement. The survivors took refuge in the caves in the northern mountains. Their life was hard, and it was a struggle to survive over the centuries.

The people of Yanius Prime are lead by a man named Than. A simple man, but with strong devotions to family and his people.


Much smaller than the deer found on Earth, the deer like creatures on Yanius Prime are similar in size to a large hare or fox. They have irregularly shaped antlers and a tough hide. Their meat is succulent and the main staple for the inhabitants of the planet.


There are many fruits on vegetables that grow naturally on the planet, but a general warning is given to stay away from an indigenous berry. In small quantities it usually only causes stomach upset to Terrans, but in large quantities it can be lethal.



Galactic Influence

The Galaxy Alliance has since established a colony of their own on the planet, but separate from the original inhabitants. The colony provides support to the Yanius people as requested.

Points of Interest

Than Station, named after the current leader of the Yanius people, sits in orbit of the planet, providing a trade platform for ships of the area.

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