Yunil Irishavi

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Yunil Irishavi
Affiliation: Beeraxi Confederation (Beerax IX)
Occupation: Politician
Gender: Male

Beerax IX
Rank: Governor
Style: His Excellency
Title: Governor of the Colony of Beerax IX

Yunil Irishavi is the sitting Governor of Beerax IX. Formerly a member of the Beeraxi Senate representing the Gnori Valley, Governor Irishavi was selected by the Senate to take over when the previous Governor resigned in disgrace after being unable to control protests that wracked the Beeraxi Sector for over a year.

Governor Irishavi has directed the Beeraxi Senator to the Galaxy Alliance to introduce a Bill of Secession, the first step towards the Beeraxi Colony breaking away from the Alliance.

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