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Karalos Zeno
Rank: Lieutenant R-o3.png
Title: Science Officer, USS Indomitable (NCC-64005)
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)


Karalos Zeno was the second child born to Alexios and Jocasta Zeno, about ten years after the assimilation of Earth on a remote colony on Barruteta IV, a large M-Class planet, with gravity being 1.5 times that Earth. He spent most of his time in the care of Adelpha, his sister, and five years his elder. Both his parents were historians, born in a place once known as Greece.

After the assimilation of Earth, they became obsessed with preserving Grecian history, teaching their children everything they knew, much to Karalos's annoyance, who was always more interested in the future than the past, and grew apart from his parents as he grew older, spending a lot of time studying the sciences in school. He wasn't particularly popular in school either, often the target of bullies, he learned to fight the hard way, kicking, punching, and even biting, he would do anything to win a fight. But that didn't stop him from studying. It did, however keep him indoors and away from people as much as he could manage. It sometimes made it difficult for him to find any peace, as the colony wasn't very large, it was very hard to avoid bullies and his parents who never gave him any peace. It isn't to say he didn't love them, but it was a very hard relationship for him to deal with, since he couldn't get himself very interested in the past. It didn't involve any creativity, or provoke thought. It was all routine, rote, and memorization. He did learn it however. Karalos was always an intelligent child and learned very quickly.

Eventually taking an apprenticeship away from home at the age of sixteen, in a neighboring colony, he studied theoretical physics and the practical application of it, under the tutelage of Doctor Theodore Swink. He appreciated Swink as a surrogate father figure and a good teacher. Despite knowing and caring about his parents, they never saw eye-to-eye, particularly with him constantly looking forward, and his parents looking back.

During his tenure in Doctor Swink's tutelage, his home colony was raided by a group of Breen pirates. His father died protecting his family from the Breen, who were eventually driven off by a Starfleet patrol vessel, but the damage was done. His sister and mother survived, but his mother was particularly traumatized by the death of her husband, and unfortunately took to blaming their absentee son. Karalos himself was far enough away, emotionally, to see things realistically, and see that it was not his fault, but the raiders that killed his father. Briefly returning to Barruteta IV to aid his family's recovery, placing an obolus into his dead father's mouth at his funeral, as his mother was too distraught to think straight. He helped organize his family's affairs in the wake of the loss of his father, while her mother recovered from her grief, only she never really did.

He eventually returned to Swink's labs, unable to deal with his mother's denial and blame, leaving her in his sister's care. He stayed there for four years, at which point Swink informed him he couldn't really teach him anything else, and suggested he might want to join Starfleet, and attend Starfleet Academy, for a somewhat broader training than Swink could offer. So he left his home away from home via a public shuttle and and applied to join the Starfleet Science division.

Unfortunately, there was some carryover from his youth; he wasn't bullied at the Academy, but he was very reticent and independent. Many people thought he was a bit egotistical, or arrogant, but it wasn't that so much as he didn't want to leave himself open to being targeted. His childhood certainly made him a little paranoid. Regardless, he did graduate from the Academy, with many of the instructors making positive notes on his scientific skills, particularly in the areas of thermodynamics and physics.

Medals awarded

  • 20. Space Medal


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